2019 – DABOV’s year of plenty

We can be grateful for so many things over the past year – and for at least as many to come in the new one, we are raising a toast with specialty coffee!

2019 was DABOV Specialty Coffee’s year of plenty. We are happy to share with you some of the moments we are proud of. Of course, they wouldn’t be possible had we not have the perfect blend – your desire to drink e better cup of coffee and our determination to offer it to you every day, day by day.

We bought №1 Geisha from Honduras Cup of Excellence 2019

Honduras coffee is already known to Bulgarian fans of specialty coffee. This year, however, Jordan Dabov participated in the Honduras Cup of Excellence jury for the first time. There, the coffee winner – a Geisha from Finca Santa Lucia, amazed everyone who tasted it and got the highest score for the variety within the competition for the year – 94.84 points. This is also the highest rated coffee in the 20-year history of Cup Of Excellence.

And the biggest joy for us is that we can now offer you Honduras Santa Lucia Geisha COE #1 2019.

New partnership brings us four coffees from Honduras

Not one, but four new coffees from one of the best Honduras specialty coffee farms, El Puente, came to us this year. Jordan Dabov and the couple Marysabel Caballero and Moises Herrera shook hands so you can enjoy Geisha Marysabel & Moises, Honduras Caballero (it is our Coffee of the Month of January, so you can get it with 15% OFF), Honduras Finca El Puente and Java Marysabel & Moises. Read more about Marysabel and Moises in our article.

We secured coffee №1 from Peru’s Cup of Excellence 2019

Almost at the end of the year, we succeeded in adding another Cup of Excellence winner to our catalog – Peru La Lucuma COE #1 2019. A very interesting coffee from the unknown Marshell variety, which won the competition with 92.28 points. This is the ninth Cup of Excellence coffee we offer.

Jordan Dabov was among the jury in the 20th edition of Cup of Excellence Brazil 2019

In 2019, Jordan Dubov was invited for the fourth time to the international jury of the Cup of Excellence in Brazil. The uniqueness of past year’s edition is due to the fact that it marked the 20th anniversary of the most prestigious specialty coffee competition in the world. It took place in the town of Lavras, where everything started two decades ago, and our coffee hunter cupped Brazil’s best coffees along with legendary figures, jury members of the first competiton, such as George Howell and Kentaru Maruyama, among others.

In addition, a few months later, DABOV Specialty Coffee bought one of the award-winning coffees – Brazil Fazenda Aterradinho COE #10 2019, which will be here soon. It is now on presale and you can order it with an excellent price in advance.

Jordan Dabov for the second time in Best of Panama jury

For the second year in a row, Jordan Dabov was among the few privileged to taste and evaluate arguably the best Arabica variety, Geisha, at Best of Panama. Before the competition, he visited our partner Joseph Brodsky at his farm Ninety Plus Gesha Estates, from which you can still taste the magnificent Ninety Plus Geisha Lycello, rated 95 points by Coffee Review.

Original Sports Blend with godfather Stefan Stefanov

This year we added a new, specially prepared blend to our catalog. We are proud to say that the godfather of our original Sports Blend is Stefan Stefanov – the successful lawyer who is the first Bulgarian to climb the three highest peaks on the planet. And he took our coffees to the tops of the mountain!

Jordan Dabov hunts coffee with Andre Tokev

This year, Jordan Dabov traveled a lot again, but one of his trips to Brazil was different. Together with Chéf Andre Tokev, he visited Fazenda Alianca and revealed to him and to viewers of the bTV’s Food Hunters culinary show some of the secrets of the good coffee hunter. Watch both shows with Jordan here and here.

DABOV is reviewed by European Coffee Trip

DABOV Specialty Coffee continued to attract attention beyond Bulgarian borders among specialty coffee connoisseurs and those who search for the best European roasters. One of Europe’s leading online editions, European Coffee Trip dedicated a review article to us.

Anaerobic coffee

We included in our catalog first ever anaerobically processed coffee – Costa Rica by Dabov. This brand new method of processing coffee is gaining popularity and some of the results are remarkable, like the amazing coffee in our catalog you can still try.

First DABOV showroom outside Bulgaria

We are extremely happy to end the year with the first DABOV Specialty Coffee showroom outside Bulgaria. Vienna in the heart of Europe is where we begin to attack with a physical presence (because our online store receives orders from all over the world) the specialty coffee market on the Old Continent. A second showroom in the European capital is coming soon!

And while the time to share it with you comes, you can find us at Malincho stores in the US – online and at chain stores in Chicago, Аtlanta, Phoenix, Atlantic City, Las Vegas.

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