January 7, 2022

AeroPress For The Perfect Cup Of Coffee

We present you another device in which you can prepare delicious coffee – you just need specialty coffee and to follow a few simple steps

To many, the AeroPress is still relatively new coffee brewing device. However, there are some, including barista champions, who claim that with this seemingly strange pot, you can make the perfect cup of coffee. We share their opinion, because for us two factors are necessary for the preparation of the perfect cup of coffee: quality or in other words, specialty coffee and specific skills for its preparation in each particular pot or machine with which you want to experiment.

With AeroPress you will find more nuances in the innumerable taste characteristics of coffee. Trust us and try it!

AeroPress is a device in which you can brew coffee using pressure.

Maybe you first think of espresso when we mention the word pressure. In addition, however, there are several other devices for making coffee by pressure. These are the Moka pot and the AeroPress, about which we will talk about here.

Coffee brewing which uses pressure relies on… pressure for extraction and requires a short preparation time and results in a more intense extract. However, the taste of all three devices is different. And although to some extent we can compare espresso with a Moka pot – still, the second device is born as a desire at home for people to be able to make a drink with a similar espresso and intensity taste, the AeroPress offers a completely different taste experience.

AeroPress is the first coffee pot that combines accessibility and simplicity and the result is a delicious first-class coffee beverage.

AeroPress is a simple and easy to use device. Its fans claim that with it you can prepare a drink with better taste, but with the same intensity of espresso. The quick process extracts better the flavour of roasted coffee beans and the result is a drink with a rich taste, without bitterness and with lower acidity.

Short history of AeroPress

Alan Adler, an electrical engineer, Stanford lecturer, toy manufacturer, inventor and founder of Aerobie, has been developing nuclear reactor control systems and aircraft instrument systems for 25 years.

In the mid-1970s, he focused on consumer goods and began working in mechanical and aerodynamic toys. He sold the rights to his first product, a flying disc called the Skyro, to the Brothers Brothers in 1978.

In 2004, Adler set out to invent a new coffee pot, as he found himself dissatisfied with the traditional coffee taste. He particularly disliked the bitterness of the drink. As a true inventor, he began to look for a solution by carefully examining traditional methods. He found that a longer extraction time led to a bitterer taste of the coffee beverage. Therefore, he invented a device in which air generates pressure to speed up the extraction process. He calls it the AeroPress.

At first, no one took the new pot seriously. But as various baristas began experimenting with it, it gradually gained popularity. And – all over the world.

Do you know that…
Since 2008, the World AeroPress Championship has been held? The first edition in Oslo, Norway, may have had only three participants, but in 2018 they were already 3,157 from 61 countries!

AeroPress And Signiture Blend Vertigo Dabov Specialty Coffee 100% Arabica coffee beans coffee pot

Recipe for coffee in AeroPress

Of course, whatever we talk about, it’s best to taste AeroPress brewed coffee to believe us. That’s why we offer you a starting recipe. Experiment boldly once you find out how your AeroPress works and send us your recipe!

For a perfect extract, we recommend a ratio of 1 to 16 coffee-water, 16 g coffee-240ml. Water. Coffee grinding: between medium and finely ground.

  1. Separate the two cylinders of the AeroPress. Detach the plastic filter and place a paper filter in it. Moisten it with hot water to make it stick. Lock the filter for the lower cylinder and pour the ground coffee. Place the cylinder on the cup.
  2. Start intensive pouring of water with a temperature not hotter than 92-94 degrees C. Stir with a spoon for about 30 seconds.
  3. Place the smaller cylinder on top. With both hands, start pushing the cylinder down, slowly, for about 20 seconds.

Total extraction time about 1:30 to 2:00 minutes.

Practical tips for making the perfect cup of coffee in AeroPress

Hold the booster and the cylinder with one hand and push the plunger vertically down with the other.

Never push the piston if the cylinder seal is loose.

Do not push the piston too hard, as this may break the cylinder.

Do not use the AeroPress upside down.

Always position AeroPress on a stable surface to brew coffee.

Never pour boiling water over coffee, as this can lead to a bitter taste and You will not be able to extract rich flavor characteristics of the coffee.

How to maintain your AeroPress?

You must clean your AeroPress after each use. After making a delicious cup of coffee, discard the coffee grounds and be sure to press the joint well down. This will prevent any compression of the seal.

AeroPress is also dishwasher safe.

Otherwise you can clean the cylinder very simply by rinsing it with water. For the rubber sealing you can use an ordinary brush under tap water. If the cylinder becomes sticky, we advise you to wash it with vinegar. As for the seal at the end of the piston, you can wash it from time to time in hot soapy water.

Cleaning is quite easy, so you will spend less time washing and more time drinking delicious coffee.

AeroPess is a state-of-the-art coffee pot in which you can brew a coffee beverage with the most balanced, velvety and rich taste. Let’s not forget – and in no time!

AeroPress is eco-friendly

With the AeroPress you reduce energy consumption because you make your coffee by hand. Yes, you will need to heat water in an electric kettle, but the energy consumption is much less than using a coffee machine, Moka pot, espresso machine.

It will really only take you 20 seconds to push the plunger down and make your coffee. This will save time for your other tasks.

AeroPress paper filters are compostable.

Remember that coffee grounds can be used to fertilize the soil in your garden or to enrich the soil in your houseplants. It is also a great natural scrub for face and body.

AeroPress And Signiture Blend Vertigo Dabov Specialty Coffee 100% Arabica coffee beans coffee pot 1

Which coffee is suitable for AeroPress?

Of course, we have an answer to this question as well. We offer you our set of AeroPress and Coffee Beans Signiture Blend Vertigo. Our baristas experimented and unanimously chose this favorite blend of yours, which combined the freshness of the fruit with the sweetness of chocolate, because they found that in Aeropress its taste is even richer.

And now we offer you the set with 20% OFF!

Take advantage of starting the new year with a new adventure in the world of specialty coffee by discovering the benefits of the unique and very practical AeroPress!

You can take your AeroPress everywhere you go

AeroPress is light, handy and portable. You can make coffee both in a hotel room and in the middle of nowhere (But be careful if you light a fire in the forest!).

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