Програма Щастие кутии с три луксозни чая DelmarTe

Be Happy Every Day With a Cup of DelmarTe Tea

We have created our Program Happiness with sets of three boxes with different teas so that all your everyday needs are met

Our Program Happiness is the result of our desire and efforts to organize high quality DelmarTe teas in sets according to their purpose and effects. We believe that this way we could help you be happy every day with a cup of DelmarTe tea.

How to be happy every day with a cup of DelmarTe tea from our Program

We at DelmarTe believe that happiness can be programmed, which is why we chose such a name for our tea project. And the secret to happiness, in our opinion, can be found… in a cup of tea.

What you normally drink as tea is either processed tea leaves from the plant Camellia sinensis (black, green, white, yellow tea) or herbs, flowers, leaves, fruits, spices. There are all sorts of combinations of all of the above. And all of them affect our perception of the world, our thoughts, moods, mental and physical health differently – they invigorate us, energize us, affect our immunity, calm us down …

The teas in Program Happiness are carefully selected. We have repeatedly tasted them and then organized them in sets, from which you can choose those with the ingredients you need to help you be happy every day. If one looks deep inside oneself, one will immediately understand what one is missing at the moment… and so the choice of one’s personal program happiness is quite easy. We believe that you will agree with us after you choose yours and taste the luxurious teas from it.

From 20 throughout 22 May 2022 you can get all Program Happiness sets with a 25%OFF!

Anyone can be happy every day with a cup of DelmarTe tea

We believe that anyone has the right to be happy, so we have made Program Happiness for those of you who have a lot of free time, as well as for those of you with hectic daily lives.

To traditionalists and to those who wish to enjoy a long tea ritual, we suggest our loose teas. And if you need a quick dose of happiness, reach for tea in a pyramidal biodegradable sachet. Whichever option you choose, you will be enchanted by the unsurpassed quality and flavors of DelmarTe!

From 20 throughout 22 May 2022 you can get all Program Happiness sets with a 25%OFF!

What are the teas in Program Happiness?

Box Good Day – 3 teas in biodegradable sachets from DelmarTe Premium collection

Three teas for a perfect day! They fill you with energy in the morning, infuse you with calmness in the afternoon and make your evening as pleasant as it can be.

  • Arabian Nights – black tea – with a rich aroma of fruits and flowers for a fresh start in the morning.
  • Egyptian Mint – herbal tea is a fragrant infusion of the well-known and beloved herb to reduce your stress levels in the middle of the day.
  • White Chocolate and Vanilla – Rooibos does not contain caffeine and this makes it the perfect relaxing and aromatic drink for late afternoon or evening.

Box Moments – 3 teas in biodegradable sachets from DelmarTe Premium collection

We guarantee you three perfect moments in your busy everyday life.

Box Fitness – 3 teas in biodegradable sachets from DelmarTe Premium collection

Three teas which you will find suitable both for the moments when you train and for the moments when you rest.

Box Slim Fit – 3 loose teas from DelmarTe Home collection

Three restorative teas to be your tonic friends when you are trying to get rid of few extra pounds.

  • Flat Belly – herbal tea – with mate and ginger, which regulate weight, help absorb fat and have an invigorating effect.
  • Slim Size – herbal tea is a powerful combination of carefully selected herbs thaton one hand contribute to good digestion and peristalsis, and on the other – are completely soothing.
  • Fitness – black tea will fill you with a strong dose of energy from the black Pu Er tea and mate in it, which in combination with lemongrass help cleanse the body.

Box Be Calm – 3 loose teas from DelmarTe Home collection

Three herbal teas, created and combined in this set with a single purpose – complete relaxation and recharging.

  • Calm Down – herbal tea acts as a natural antidepressant and promotes restful sleep with its combination of balm, mint, passionflower and lavender.
  • Violet Dreams – herbal tea both relaxes you and improves your digestion because sometimes it is stress that makes our digestive system suffer.
  • Nirvana – herbal tea removes all the tension from the body with the help of fragrant linden and aromatic roses.

Box Immunity – 3 loose teas from DelmarTe Home collection

Three steps for balanced immunity: cleansing, preventing and healing.

  • Fast Detox – herbal tea supports our body’s natural ability to get rid of what prevents it from being healthy with the help of blackberry, birch, strawberry and dandelion leaves.
  • Immunity Tea – herbal tea contains herbs that support natural immunity such as our favorite echinacea and elderflower.
  • Anti-flu Cocktail – herbal tea is the ideal solution at the first symptoms of a cold – relieves breathing and enhances body’s detoxification.

Box Joy – 3 loose teas from DelmarTe Home collection

Experience the joy of life presented in three irresistible teas.

  • Taj Mahal – white tea – caffeine’s strong dose of energy is combined with L-theanine`s focus and concentration. All wrapped in an incredible aroma.
  • Geisha – white and green tea – good mood in the afternoon thanks to the aromatic mixture of white and green teas in combination with goji berry.
  • Midsummer Dreaming – herbal tea that will take you to the magical realm of dreams with a spell of six enchanting and stress-relieving herbs.

Box Longevity – 3 loose teas from DelmarTe Home collection

Vitality, energy and strength at any age.

Box Good Life – 3 loose teas from DelmarTe Home collection

What is good life if not balance!? Achieve it with the help of our aromatic teas.

Box Wellness – 3 loose teas from the DelmarTe Home collection

Tea Box “Wellness” with 3 teasDELMARTE HOME

Wellness is the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles […]

Let’s contribute to your well-being with our three amazing teas.

Box Best Wishes – 3 teas in biodegradable sachets from DelmarTe Premium collection

Tea Box “Best Wishes” with 3 teasDELMARTE PREMIUM

Еxpress your most sincere feelings and best wishes to someone with three of our most sophisticated teas.

To help you express your most sincere feelings to someone – and why not to yourself also? – we have selected three sophisticated teas.

Box Children’s Tea – 3 loose teas from DelmarTe Home collection

We have created this set with three carefully selected teas with herbs and fruits to help your children grow healthy, strong and happy.

  • Ambrozia – fruit tea is a sweet and sour fruit cocktail with a tonic effect that contributes for strong immunity and keeps anemia away.
  • Egyptian Mint – herbal tea can relieve stomach pain, contribute to normal respiratory function and reduce fever.
  • Royal Chamomile – herbal tea is ideal for relieving various irritations such as an upset stomach and it relieves bronchi and sinuses from flu, colds and infections.

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