May 11, 2021

Best of Panama Comes to Dabov

Jordan Dabov will evaluate the best 2021 Panama Geishas in our own laboratory

This is one of the most exciting news that we have ever had the pleasure to share with you – this year Jordan Dabov will evaluate the best 2021 Panama Geishas in our own laboratory! The pandemic brought us many bad news but we can’t deny that we have received some great news as well. As Jordan Dabov can’t travel to Panama for obvoius reasons, Best of Panama comes to Dabov!

Jordan Dabov is part of Best of Panama jury for a third time

Our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov is invited for a third time to be part of the international jury of the most famous world coffee competition for Geisha. In 2021, Best of Panama will have its 25th edition! Last year, due to the pandemic, the international jury had to taste the best Geishas away from Panama, in their own respective countries. This year, the international part of the competition will take place the same way.

When does Best of Panama 2021 start

But it all will begin with the selection of the finalists by the national jury between July 5th and 9th. Then the national jury will choose the most eligible coffees among 161 lots. This is the total number of submited lots. There will be a minimum of 7 Panamanian cuppers, who have already participated as judges in all stages of some of the Best of Panama previous editions in the national jury.

What is the cupping procedure of Best of Panama 2021

To ensure a safe and transparent procedure, SCAP will hand over the coffees to an independent audit company. This company will send them to the local judges first. The audit company will also conduct random checks among the coffees to verify that there are no mistakes among the names of participants and their respective lots. This is also a way to preserve the confidentiality of all participants and their coffees.

The judges will receive each coffee with only a certain ID number and the category in which it participates. There will be no other information. Each judge will have to hold cupping sessions with a minimum of 5 cups of sample and a maximum of 9 samples per table.

It is important to mention that in addition to the coffee, the judges – local and international, will also receive the water they must use for the cuppings! We have already been informed that in addition to the coffee samples, we will receive 5 gallons of water. Water is key because in the coffee for cupping it comprises up to 98.5% of the beverage. That is why it is extremely important that it is the same water everywhere – in any laboratory no matter where it is situated around the world. This will also help to ensure that the different water in all the different places will not affect the flavor characteristics. There may be enormous differences in the flavor when the water for the coffee cuppings is harder or softer, more alkaline or more acidic. As for the other important factors in the preparation of the cupping sessions samples, namely the ground level and the roast level, they are according to the common standard.

Every juror will send his cupping notes and scores to the audit company which will verify them. Based on them, the finalists will be selected. Then, the audit company will send the finalists’ lots to the international jury. Before that, however, new identification codes will be issued for each coffee. Another precaution to avoid any possible problems.

When will the international stage of Best of Panama take place

After the completion of the national stage, the participants of the international jury will receive the samples of the coffees finalists. Then they will have to organize cupping sessions in their own laboratories between 2nd and 7th August. These sessions will be held in 27 laboratories around the world. This is how the winners in four categories will be announced. The categories are Washed Geisha, Natural Geisha, Pacamara, Traditional Washed and Traditional Natural.

The online auction will take place on 22 September. We hope that we will be able to snatch a tasty winner from it as we did last year!

Best of Panama comes to Dabov… and we are getting ready to receive it

Right now, everybody in our laboratory is busy preparing for the meeting with the exclusive flavors. We are extremely excited, because for the first time, apart from our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov, our fellow baristas who will assist him in the cupping sessions will have the unique chance to participate, albeit in the current Pandemic format, in a specialty coffee competition of this rank. We are preparing to receive about 50 lots of coffee samples – Geisha, Pacamara and other varieties. Our calculations are based on last year’s results and the number of finalists by category. Each night we fall asleep with Jordan’s personal cupping spoon… And going through the rules for conducting a complete organoleptic analysis in our heads.

Article written by napravimisait

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