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Black Tea – How To Brew It and What Are Its Health Benefits?

Do you know the most important facts about black tea? Let us tell you everything you need to know.

According to statistics, black tea is the most popular type of tea in the world. It ranks at the top of the list of the most consumed drink in the world. Of total tea consumption worldwide, four fifths belongs to black tea. Interestingly, many of its fans drink it not only because of its wonderful natural flavour, but also because it has a significant number of benefits to our physical, emotional and mental state. That is why it is important to think about black tea not only as a caffeinated, but also a healing drink.

Black Tea Effects

The most wide-spread effect of black tea remains its antioxidant effect. A research of the plant from which the drink is prepared, Camellia sinensis, has found many substances with a strong anti-free radicals and body toxins effect. Moreover, a medical study conducted at Rutgers University, concluded that the natural antioxidants in black tea also have some anti-cancer effects. The reason is that they block the development of cancer cells, while strengthening healthy ones. The substance that is accountable for this beneficial effect is catechin. Black tea’s antioxidant effect is due to other elements as well. Among them is vitamin C, which also has a cleansing effect.

Caffeine also contributes to black tea’s antioxidant effect. It also helps improve blood circulation, burning body fat, protects against a number of diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, including Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Probably you will not be surprised to learn that black tea significantly improves concentration and cognitive abilities.

Black Tea Properties

Classic black tea has many healthy properties. According to scientists, the plant from which it is produced has anti-inflammatory, restorative, immunoregulatory and relieving functions. A number of scientific papers mention that regular consumption of black tea leads to suppression of pro-inflammatory cells in the body. It has also been shown that the plant can suppress the development and spread of a number of bacterial strains leading to gastrointestinal disorders or dermatological problems. However, black tea also strengthens the immune system, so we can safely talk about some protective properties in its chemical composition. They are also observed in relation to the cardiovascular system. It is believed that black tea can reduce headaches, fatigue and other ailments such as lack of energy, motivation or concentration.

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Black Tea Treatment

If black tea is so beneficial and full of healthy ingredients, is it possible to become part of conventional, Western medicine? We can not say that it is perceived as medicine yet but we must note that there are products with black tea extract on the nutritional supplements market. Its therapeutic properties are used to help relieve symptoms and suppress a range of diseases. Today, we can talk about ancillary treatment with black tea in cases of intestinal viral infections, high levels of bad cholesterol, hypertension, anxiety and stress. In cases of anxiety and emotional instability, scientists recommend treatment with black tea because it has already been shown to reduce levels of cortisol, the stress hormone.

Black Tea Benefits and Side Effects

When we talk about the benefits and the side effects of delicious black tea, we must be 100% objective. The fact is that black tea has many benefits that have a preventive, prophylactic and therapeutic effect on the body. But what are its side effects? We must note that black tea is generally non-toxic. In other words, a possible negative reaction can be expected only in case of overdose or consumption, despite the non-compliance with officially proven contraindications. People suffering from with anemia or inability to properly absorb iron must not drnk black tea. The reason is that the drink can worsen this condition. An overdose of black tea can lead to the following side effects: insomnia and stomach discomfort. However, they disappear as soon as you stop drinking.

Black Tea And Weight Reducing

Black tea makes us not only healthy but also beautiful! According to many researchers, it helps us look good. The drink has a double effect in terms of weight loss. On the one hand, it helps burn fat easier. On the other hand, black tea for weight loss also helps regulate metabolism. When our body has normal metabolic processes, and the carbohydrates, proteins and fats we consume are converted into energy quickly and easily, obesity is virtually impossible.

Black Tea For Your Hair

And did you know that this hot caffeinated drink can make even your hair look healthier? Even in ancient times people drank black tea to have a healthier hair. The ancient Romans doused their hair with black tea for a shinier and richer color. Greek girls drank it in early spring and late summer to prevent seasonal hair loss. Hundreds of years later, scientists have proven that black tea really stops hair loss, but also stimulates faster growth.

How To Brew Black Tea

Now that you are acquainted with its beneficial properties and positive overall effects, you probably can’t wait to start drinking black tea. To get the most out of its therapeutic properties, you will need to learn how to brew it. However, before we talk about preparation, we must note that we don’t recommend buying just any black tea. Black tea in regular bags is often of very low quality, ground almost to a powder, and recently there has been talk of its dangerous content of pyrolysis alkaloids and even fluoride. We recommend you taste our luxury biodegradable sachets from the DelmarTe Premium collection or our high-quality bulk teas from the DelmarTe Home collection. You can find out about the preparation of the infusion in the most accurate ratio with boiling water both from the product page of each tea and from its label.

In our online store you will find an excellent selection of everybody’s favourite teas but also a collection with exquisite and extremely rare types of tea. We search not only high quality, but also diversity. That is why, we are not only dedicated to specialty coffee, but in our collection of first-class products there is a special place for tea.

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