Buying Coffee on Presale: What Are the Advantages?

You reserve the desired quantity at a preferential price and you are the first to receive it freshly roasted at your home

We have been offering you the opportunity to buy coffee on presale ever more often, because it was all of you who have gradually convinced us that there are many advantages for the ardent coffee lover from it. Let’s talk about them so that everybody who hasn’t heard yet of our pre-sales learn everything about this great way to secure and enjoy our specialty coffees.

What is a coffee on presale?

When a coffee is on a pr-sale, you can already reserve the amount you want from it. When you make your payment for it, we will send you a voucher and note down what is the desired amount. At this point, we have not yet received the coffee but it usually is already on its way to us. Therefore, it is only possible to offer you the opportunity to reserve the kind of package you want from it and to certify that we have received your payment with an official document, a voucher.

Which coffees do we offer on presale?

We do not put on presell all the coffees from our catalog. On the contrary, we choose only exclusive coffees with exceptional qualities in strictly limited quantities, to which we usually give our golden or platinum label. One of them was the anaerobically processed Costa Rica by Dabov we offered you earlier this year.

You can expect mostly winners of prestigious competitions among these coffees, such as El Salvador Don Octavio COE # 21 2020, a Cup of Excellence El Salvador 2020 finalist. Soon we will be able to offer you as well a unique Geisha, a Best of Panama 2020 finalist. We have long observed that these coffees attract the greatest interest and on more than one occasion they were sold-out quite unexpectedly to the surprise of some coffee lovers who missed the chance to taste them.

How much does a coffee on presale cost?

All the coffees on presale are at a preferential price with 15% OFF of the real one, both for a 200,8 g pack and for a 1 kg pack. This way, we hope that more specialty coffee fans will have the opportunity to appreciate these exclusive coffees.

When will you receive your coffee?

When you buy a coffee on presale, you will be among the first to receive your freshly roasted pack. We work with the deadlines given to us by the transport companies for each individual coffee. And for each of those coffees, we strive to inform you in a timely manner when we will receive it – on our website, on our Facebook and Instagram pages and in our newsletter in Bulgarian.

We have been experiencing difficulties this year because the Covid-19 pandemic led to several late arrivals. However, when we receive coffee offered on presale, we first roast and send the quantities already reserved in this preliminary period.

Did you know that the coffee export, transportation and import takes a lot of time?

It usually takes about two months from the purchase of the coffee to the roasting of the test profiles, but the period is never shorter. There are shipments that are delayed more and we have to look for them after they have left the country of origin and are in an unknown location around the world. We have also lost coffee shipments and nobody can explain to us where did our coffee gon … There are shipments that have traveled the world to finally reach us. We have shipments waiting at customs for their lost export documents, which cannot be reissued! And in many cases there is no one to blame for the delay or loss … still we are looking for someone to take the responsibility.

But, in most cases, everyone in the supply chain works hard so that we can deliver to you the package that you have reserved on presale.

In any case, if you do not want to wait for your delayed package, you can return the voucher with the receipt and we will refund the amount.

If you want to wait, in most cases you will be pleasantly surprised!

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