Happy 1st May to the farmers from DABOV’s family

Today we celebrate the dedication and the hard work of the farmers that bring you a better cup of coffee every day, day after day

Today is the International Workers’ Day and we would like to thank all the farmers with whom we have been working and we continue working in order to bring you a better cup of coffee every day, day after day.

Look at the history behind each one of our coffees, and you will find a person who has dedicated all their heart to their farm. Usually, together with their family and a small group of workers who share the same ideals, they work continuously with a dedication in order to produce and process coffee with the best possible quality. These people are part of the huge family of 500 million coffee producers in the world. Today, we celebrate their tenacious and innovative spirit that never falters in front of the challenges to find the rare gems in the coffee trees – that make our favorite specialty coffee.

Thank you!

Renato Ishikawa, Fazenda Aliança; Ismael and Eduardo de Andrade, Fazenda Capim Branco and Fazenda Paraíso, who in 2018, won the first place in Cup of Excellence and you can buy the winning coffee online here; Pedro Veloso, Fazenda Cerrado Veloso; Vanderlei Paulo Martins, Fazenda Sítio do Bone (Brazil), who won the prestigious 7th place in Cup of Excellence in 2017. His coffee is still in our catalog.

The farmers from the cooperatives in Kahava and Kodemu, Burundi.

The Columbian farmers from the cooperative in Valencia, La Argelia and the cooperative of small farms behind Columbia Supremo 18+.

The farmers from farm Virunga, Congo.

Cesar Felipe Villalobos, whose coffee Doña Ileana we had the pleasure to taste two times in Bulgaria after it secured coveted positions in Cup Of Excellence – in 2015 and 2017; Ureña Murillo, Finca Dota Valley (Costa Rica).

Group of small farmers from Serano, Cuba.

The farmers from Los Lirios, Dominican Republic.

Heleanna Georgalis, Moplaco with two unique coffees in our catalog now – Kambata and Yirgacheffe; Joseph Brodsky, Ninety Plus Gesha Estates (Ethiopia).

Cerezo Pompeyo, Finca Kalibus La Sierra, who in 2016, won the first place in Cup of Excellence and his coffee was chosen on the second place among the best specialty coffees in the world the same year; Dariush Echeverria, Finca Santa Rita; Paul Starry, Finca San Gerardo (Guatemala). Dariush’s and Paul’s coffees are still available and you can taste them.

The families of Erica Peña, Finca Valentina and Edwin Ventura, Finca Ventura, whose coffees were among the winners last year in the regional competition for specialty coffee in Santa Barbara region – Oro de Santa Barbara; Jose Arnold Paz Mejia, Finca San Jose; Maria Rosario Pineda, Finca La Esmeralda; Joel López and Herminio Perdomo, Finca Alto de Los Santos (Honduras).

The farmers from the Indonesian cooperatives Kalossi and Gayo Mountain, the farmers from the Blue Flores farm.

The farmers from Clydesdale Estate, Jamaica.

Coffees, cultivated with dedication and passion!

The farmers from the Kenyan cooperatives Gaturiri, Gachombe, Lenana, Kegwa.

The farmers from the cooperative Mzuzu, Malawi.

The Hueck family and especially Gabriela Hueck from Finca La Virgen, whose coffee won the prestigious 6th place in Cup of Excellence in 2017 and right now is our Coffee of the month and the farmers from Las Nubes, Nicaragua.

The family of Gonzalo Palenzuela, Agricola Geisha, whose coffee Dona Elvira was among the winners in Best of Panama 2018 and is still available; Joseph Brodsky, Ninety Plus Gesha Estates, whose Lycello once again is in our catalog; Efrain and Carmen Franceschi, Carmen Estate; the Fernandez family, Finca Gran Del Val; Itza and Albert Sitton, Finca Bambito (Panama), whose wonderful coffees we have tasted over the years.

A group of small farmers from Papua New Guinea.

The farmers from San Pedro, Puerto Rico.

The farmers from the cooperative Shangi, Rwanda.

Gilberto Baraona, Finca Los Pirineos, who won the 2nd and the 9th place in this year’s Cup of Excellence; Maria Alicia Castillo, Finca El Cashal (Salvador).

The farmers from Burka farm, Tanzania.

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