Christmas Coffee Calendar

Coffee tradition dictates that we offer you our fourth consecutive Christmas COFFEE calendar!

This year in the calendar we have collected 24 single origin coffees from different points around the world. Among them are Cup Of Excellence coffees.

You will also be able to try different varieties of Arabica and different processing processes, coming from different coffee corners of the world.

Every day for 24 days from December 1, you will be able to enjoy a new coffee, the flavors of which you can record in our special Cupping Diary.

And most importantly, you get a 10% discount voucher for our Coffee of the Monthly Annual Subscription!

The Christmas calendar contains:

1 x card with 10% OFF of an annual subscription to Coffee of the Month

+ Gift – for everyone who buys the online calendar between the 5-th and 20-th of the month. See who the gift of the month is here

Order now online or buy in any of our stores! See our locations:

Orders from October 15-th to October 25-th – you can get the calendar with 15% discount.

Orders from October 26-th to November 8-th – you can get the calendar with a 10% discount.

Orders from November 9th to November 13th – you can get the calendar with a 5% discount.

Attention: All Christmas CAFE calendars after November 20, 2021 you will be able to order only beans (no possibility to grind)! But with a special discount on Hario SLIM coffee grinder!

Shipping: THIS IS A PRE-SALE! All Christmas CAFE calendars will be sent to you between 21-st and 25-th November 2021 so you can open the first pack on 1st December. Please, if you do not receive your calendar between November 25-30, call: 0882 477 000 or write to us at office @

Coffees with 15% OFF: Every day from December 1, 2021 onwards, we will open and announce the Coffee of the Day from our calendar, and you will have the opportunity to buy it with 15% OFF on the day itself!

What are the coffees: To find out what coffee is on the respective day, follow:

Or just  follow our special page  in our websiteт, where we will add the whole information!