Фазенда Планалто специално кафе 100 арабика кафе от Бразилия Sul de Minas Dabov Specialty Coffee

Classic Coffee Flavor From Brazil

Join us on a tour of Fazenda Planalto, where our newest Brazilian coffee with a flavor of perfection comes from

We invite you to join us on a tour of Fazenda Planalto. One way to do it, is to buy a plane ticket and fly there. The other, faster, but also exciting, is to brew a cup of 100% Arabica coffee from Brazil Planalto, the new coffee in our catalog.

Coffee Beans Brazil Planalto – a classic coffee flavor from Brazil

If you taste Coffee Beans Brazil Planalto, you will enjoy a wonderful classic coffee flavor of Brazil. You will sense hints of dark chocolate, enriched with orange peel. Softness and sweetness in the middle body and pronounced acidity. You can order both coffee beans and ground coffee according to your preferred coffee brewing method.

Fazenda Planalto – a coffee oasis

Planalto means a high plateau in Portuguese. Therefore plantation Planalto is a flat oasis in the heart of rugged South Minas Gerais state, or Sul de Minas. The farm sprawls on 2,250 acres of land at altitudes between 3,600 and 3,900 ft above sea level.

Coffee production is Planalto Estate is on 650 acres and fully mechanized, from planting to harvesting. The varieties currently planted are Red Catuaí, Yellow Catuaí and Arara. Planalto has record coffee yields and the current coffee production of 7,000 bags will soon reach 12,000 bags.

In Planalto they care about great quality too

Mechanical harvesting is carried out in two rounds in Fazenda Plnalto in order to maximize the percentage of ripe cherries collected. Owners Sergio and Mariza Mantovanini believe that this system is much more efficient than the Brazilian standard practice of a single round of picking. And up to 50% of the crop comes out as pulped natural processed coffee.

Planalto has its own processing facilities to transform coffee cherries into export quality green beans. The integrated coffee mill includes a wet line, large drying grounds and export processing equipment. On-farm storage can hold up to 15,000 bags. There is also a possibility to load on site export containers.

Outstanding classic coffee flavor from South Minas

Planalto coffees have the typical features of South Minas coffees and more. Sul de Minas is registered geographical region in terms on good quality coffee. Planalto Pulped Naturals especially are very well balanced. The cup is naturally sweet, with pronounced acidity.

The quality of Planalto coffees is controlled at all stages of production, from planting to harvesting, processing and shipment. Farm’s agronomists understand well how growing techniques influence cup quality. Harvesting is staged according to the degree of maturation of the cherries.

Quality control is performed by trained cuppers who run the farm’s coffee quality laboratory.

Planalto is a sustainable business with concern on environment and social welfare

Planalto has 350 acres of preserved native forest that are strictly preserved. It is located in the middle of the farm and it is no accident. This way, wild animal species can move freely throughout the farm.

Liquid wastes from coffee processing are recycled and coffee pulp is used as fertilizer.

Planalto employees have a full package of benefits. Salaries are above the regional average. The farm provides personal protection equipment and trainings.

Planalto is certified by the Brazil Specialty Coffee Association (BSCA) and UTZ.

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