Cold Brew Meets White Russian in an Irressistible Recipe

Transform your tasty House Blend Cold Brew into a fresh cocktail with our irressistible recipe

We can’t get enough of our coffee blend for cold extraction, House Blend Cold Brew and we don’t stop experimenting with it. We are suggesting you to try our irresistible recipe for a relaxing end to the day – a simple twist of one of the classic alcohol cocktails.

Share with us how you found this easy and yet irressistible recipe for all fans of White Russian!

Cold Brew meets White Russian by DABOV

300 ml House Blend Cold Brew
20 ml vodka
10 ml coffee liquor
20 ml cashew cream or orther cream according to your preferences

Pour the House Blend Cold Brew into ice forms. Freeze. Add the frozen cubes to a long glass. Pour all other ingredients and serve! Enjoy your drink!

And just a quick reminder of a simple and tried recipe that we really like.

How to prepare at home your pack of House Blend Cold Brew!

Grind 50g House Blend Cold Brew – coarser, as for the French press, for example.

Pour it into the filter Cold Brew – Hario and pour 600 ml of cold water.

Close the top of the pot and leave in the refrigerator for 8 hours.

After 8 hours, remove the filter from the pot and your Cold Brew coffee is ready for you to enjoy. It does not need to be diluted with ice or other beverages.

We will offer you other recipes with our House Blend Cold Brew, because it is so delicious that it is worthwhile to fill many coffee moments in the summer with it.

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