Световен бариста шампионат 2021 Милано World Barista Championship Host Milan

Colombia Has its First World Barista Champion

The new barista champion was announced in the competition, which took place within Host Milan

Within the framework of the international trade fair in Milan – Host Milano (22 – 26.10.2021), three world coffee championships were held and three world champions were announced in the barista, brewers cup and cup tasters categories.

In the three competitions, 16 participants out of a total of 67 reached the finals.

Who is the new World Barista Champion?

Diego Campos from Colombia is the new World Barista Champion. His victory is historic because he is also the first finalist in this competition from the South American country. 31-year-old Campos is a roaster from Colombia Amor Perfecto and he logically used Colombian coffee for his performance in the final round.

In his country, Diego has participated in many barista competitions, he is a three-time winner of the Colombian barista championship and has remarkable experience. He also has a serious team that helps him advance and better his skills. His coach Federico Bolanos is a professional barista coach. He has helped five baristast enter the semifinalis and two baristas become world champions – in 2011 and in 2019.

The other finalists in the category are Andrea Allen (USA), ranked second and Hugh Kelly (Australia, third), Amy Fukahori (Switzerland, fourth. She is also the 2018 World Champion of Filtrations), Martin Shabaya (Kenya, fifth. He is the first ever Arfican representative to reach the finals of the competition.) and Wojciech Tysler (Ireland, sixth).

To win the title, participants must go through three rounds. In each of them they prepare 4 espressos, 4 milk drinks and 4 original drinks according by their own recipe, but following the the competition standards within a 15-minute performance with music. In these 15 minutes, each barista presents not only himself, but also the whole team behind him.

We are very happy for our friends from Um Coffee from São Paulo (where we had our first cupping of DABOV coffees ever in Brazil), because their barista Boram Um participated as well in the competition and reached the semi-finals!

The Brewing Cup Finalists after the competition. Photo: World Coffee Championships

Who is the new World Brewers Cup champion?

The new World Brewers Cup champion is Matt Winton of Switzerland, followed by Daiki Hatakeyama (Japan, second), Elika Lifti (USA, third), Carlos Escobar (Australia, fourth), Ply Pasarj (Canada, fifth) and Tomas Tausig (Czech Republic, sixth).

We must add that our friends from Um Coffee had participant in this competition as well. Garam Um reached the semi-finals with this presentation.

In the World Brewers Cup, the competitors prepare and serve three different drinks to the judges. If you still wonder what are exactly the filtration/brewing methods, read our article in which we speak about some of them. The competition consists of two rounds: the first round and the final round. During the first round, the competitors perform a compulsory service and an open service. In the compulsory service, they prepare three drinks from coffee beans, provided to them by the competition. In the open service, they can use coffee beans of their choice. They should also accompany the preparation of their drink with a presentation.

The Tasters Cup finalists. Photo: World Coffee Championships

Who is the new World Cup Tasters champion?

The new World Cup Tasters is Kyoungha (Charlie) Chu from Australia. Dénes Raymond from Germany is second. Sang Min Ju from South Korea and Jose Maria Gomez Moré from Costa Rica are third and fourth, respectively.

To become a champion among cup tasters, the participant in this competition must demonstrate speed, skill and accuracy in distinguishing the taste differences between several specialty coffees.

Participants must taste three cups of coffee. Two of them are with the same coffee, and the third – with a different coffee. So those who manage to identify the cup with the different coffee move on to the next round. A total of 8 sets of 3 cups are tasted in each round. Four competitors reach the final, from which the winner is announced.

So if you want to get to know the world of these barista competitions and to acquire the skills of a coffee barista, professional or amateur, you’d better check out the dates for the courses at our Barista Academy!

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