Cup of Excellence 2020 Results Defy the Pandemic

We are happy to share the good news for the specialty coffee farmers – even amidst a very difficult year, Cup of Excellence 2020 results broke records

During the recent fearful time for all of us in the specialty coffee industry, the non-profit organization The Alliance For Coffee Excellence (ACE) made a strong point with its program’s The Cup of Excellence 2020 results. All of the last five auctions that took place so far this year, have set records in terms of revenues. We are speaking about over $3 million dollars in gross auction revenue. To that we can add $22.25 per pound average price for its combined 123 winning Cup of Excellence coffees.

We have already informed you that in its first year Ethiopia stunned everybody. The average price was $28.44 and the gross revenue over $1.5 million. And you were among the few lucky specialty coffee lovers who had the chance to taste all coffees!

Then Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica each topped their previous average price by several dollars per pound. And we secured one of the very tasty finalists from El SalvadorEl Salvador Don Octavio COE #21 2020. Reserve your pack on a pre-sale now!

The fifty (50) semi-finalists called National Winners were sold at an alternative auction from the Cup of Excellence winners. They also received prices well above expectations.

In the following next four months, we are looking forward to the competitions and auctions in Colombia, Peru and Brazil.

Cup of Excellence continues with new rigorous rules and educational programs


When Covid 19 spread around the globe, Cup of Excellence staff developed rigorous rules. They ensured safe cupping and scoring for the national jury. You can read more about them in our article dedicated to the Cup of Excellence Ethiopia here. This way all competitions could take place!

Global support for COE and membership in the ACE has been growing steadily over the last 6 months. The Cup of Excellence supported TAZA knowledge series that started during Covid-19. They continue to gain popularity with educational pieces on anaerobic coffee, genetic discovery and interviews with coffee producers.

And if you are curious to learn how to cup at home, watch this video in which Alex Pond from Cup of Excellence shows you how to do it as a pro.



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