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DABOV Again On The Planet’s Highest Summits

We are happy that our specialty coffees are part of an incredible expedition documented in “14 Peaks”

We are happy that DABOV coffees continue to climb the most inaccessible peaks on the planet ever since our friend Stefan Stefanov managed to conquer the three highest summits in the world. Perhaps you remember the admirable personal story of Sports Blend’s godfather that we introduced to you a year ago. And we hope that you were among the lucky ones who indulged in the fragrant blend that Jordan Dabov created with him.

Recently, fans of our tasty coffees told us that they noticed DABOV Specialty Coffee at the foot of Kangchenjunga. In fact, it was in the documentary “14 Peaks”. Intrigued, we hurried to watch it on Netflix.

14 Peaks” is dedicated to a remarkable achievement. You have probably heard of the Nepalese Nirmal Purja, who set a record by climbing all 14 8,000m peaks in 190 days in 2019. Thus, the Nepalese improved the performance of Korean Kim Chan-ho, who climbed all 14 peaks in 7 years and 10 months. The Purja expedition and his team began with the ascent of Annapurna and ended with Shisha Pangma.

During the ascent of Kangchenjunga, the third highest peak of winter, in the base camp on the way up, Nirmal Purja is speaking about his goal on a cup of coffee. And right in front of him we see a pack of our DABOV Specialty Coffee, brought to him by our friend Stefan Stefanov. At that time, Stefan Stefanov was on the same expedition and climbed with Nirmal Purja Kangchenjunga in 2019.

We are very happy that our aromatic 100% Arabica coffees is accompanied by personalities who not only set extremely difficult goals, but also achieve them. “This is about inspiring the human race,” says Nirmal Purdja in the film. One way or another, we strive for the same by serving you a better cup of coffee day after day, every day.

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