We bought the COE highest rated Gesha

Yesterday at the online auction of the winners of the Cup of Excellence Honduras 2019, together with Maruyama Coffee, we made the highest bid for the country’s number 1 coffee – Gesha Washed which received 94.84 points

As you know, our founder, Jordan Dabov, was a juror in Cup of Excellence Honduras in May for the first time. There, he was amazed by the qualities of Finca Santa Lucia’s Gesha Washed. Apparently, his colleagues from the jury shared the same opinion because they subsequently selected that coffee for the number one spot with a record 94.84 points. So far this is the highest ranking coffee in Cup of Excellence competitions for 2019 all over the world!

DABOV customers around the world will drink Honduras’ coffee number 1

On the online auction of COE Honduras held yesterday, DABOV Specialty Coffee along with the Japanese company Maruyama Coffee managed to make the highest bid for the winner. This means that DABOV’s customers will have the chance to enjoy this unique coffee whether they are from Bulgaria or not – thanks to our online store you can order coffee anywhere in the world because we deliver everywhere freshly roasted specialty coffee.

Who cultivated the winning 94.84 points Gesha Washed

Finca Santa Lucia is located in the village of Sigutatepeque in the department of Comayagua. There, in 2014, Erwin Jose Mierisch decided to plant Gesha which he had brought from Panama. The farm is located at 1650-1800 meters above sea level, with a Gesha growing at exactly 1567 meters above sea level. Over the past five years, the entire Mierisch family, led by Eleane Mierisch, has been working on the cultivation and processing of this geisha.

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