DABOV offers rare specialty coffees at Discover.Vino World 2019

We are waiting for you on 10th and 11th May with a cup of coffee and coffee packs at the National Palace of Culture

Once again, DABOV Specialty Coffee will take part in the exhibition and tasting of hundreds of wines from around the world, DIscover.VINO World 2019. Its third edition will be held on May 10 and 11 in Hall 6 of the National Palace of Culture.

We look forward to offering you our special offers – Ethiopia Kambata and the unique Panama Geisha by Dabov.

The first coffee follows the millennial traditions of the homeland of coffee, bringing them to enviable heights. The ancient variety Heirloom comes with a creamy texture and blends notes of strawberry, peach and milk chocolate.

The second is the product of the special collaboration between Jordan Dabov and farmer Joseph Brodsky from the renowned farm Ninty Plus Gesha Estates in Panama – a magnificent Geisha with honey, jasmine and lime flavors.

Besides the coffees to appreciate while enjoying the wine tastings, we will offer you a selection of coffee packs from our own catalog: you can take home with you Ethiopia Kambata and Panama Geisha by Dabov, and also Brazil Alianca and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe.

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