DABOV opens a showroom in Vienna today

The address of the best specialty coffees at the heart of Europe now is Josefstädter strasse 5

One of our Christmas presents for our clients and for us as well is the opening of DABOV Specialty Coffee showroom in Vienna. We are looking forward to meet a lot of specialty coffee lovers today on Josefstädter strasse 5 in the Austrian capital where, all day long, we will be speaking about coffee, drinking coffee and treating with coffee everybody who stops by. Come to meet our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov.

Why does DABOV Specialty Coffee need an address in Vienna?

“As the specialty coffee culture grows and our customers’ interest in it deepens, we realized the need to offer not only more and different new flavors, but also to do it in more and different places,” says Jordan Dabov. “Our clients are well-informed and their demand for quality grows, that is why every year we find and we offer better and better coffees.”

We have raised the bar in front of us and we constantly offer coffees from the most renowned world competition, Cup of Excellence, as well as specialty coffees from our trusted partners, farmers. We have decided that now is the time to proudly enter the Central European market. For this purpose, we have chosen Vienna, which is a strategic place for our future development, and we have entrusted our partners Savina Filipova and Bisser Stoyanov, who act with the same passion and efforts to spread the specialty coffee culture.

“Our on-site observations have convinced us that the Vienna specialty coffee market needs DABOV Specialty Coffee,” Bisser said. “And we believe we have an incredible product and we also believe we will develop the brand on this market.”

As a cosmopolitan city, Vienna shelters a lot of coffee shops where one can find specialty coffee. The brand DABOV Specialty Coffee is already famous not only among the Bulgarians living in the Austrian capital but among the locals as well. Biser and Savina have been representing our brand for several month now in Vienna and they believe the beginning is a huge success.

What will DABOV offer in Vienna?

In DABOV Specialty Coffee showroom in Vienna, you will be able to find all the products from our catalogue – specialty coffees, tea and chocolate. Of course, everyone is welcome to taste them on the spot, as well as to buy freshly roasted whole beans or ground coffee for home.

Huge fans of coffee, Bisser and Savina will help our business grow and expand in Central Europe – Austria and the surrounding countries Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland. They will be in charge of distribution to wholesale partners as well as develop the local DABOV Specialty Coffee showroom and our online store, which, after translating our site into German, will also address the needs of German speakers. We are currently using the Amazon platform, which serves Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and the coffee is shipped freshly roasted by our representative office in Vienna.

What else can you find in DABOV Specialty Coffee showroom in Vienna?

In addition to specialty coffee, in Vienna, we will be offering you other healthy products. Healthy and sustainable – they are at the core of the local element in our showroom at the heart of Europe. Check out the healthy and organic foods there. And everyone who comes with their own cup for coffee to go will receive a small compliment in the form of a special discount.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the heart of Europe with a better cup of specialty coffee for a better start, continuation and end of the day.

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