DABOV opens showroom in Madrid

DABOV Speciаlty Coffee’s second showroom outside Bulgaria is a fact

In February, we shared with you that we are about to open a new showroom in yet another European capital. The global pandemic of the new coronavirus Covid-19 postponed our plans, but we have completed them. That is why we are happy to announce that today we are opening a showroom in Madrid. In this way, DABOV Specialty Coffee set foot in another city, known for its special attitude towards coffee.

Why is DABOV Specialty Coffee going to Madrid?

Our new European address outside Sofia is at Сalle de Santa Isabel, 42, Madrid. DABOV Specialty Coffee’s products will reach all specialty coffee lovers in Spain with the help of Rumen Pehlivanov.

As you already know, last November we opened our first showroom outside Bulgaria, in Vienna. Our strategy was to expand in Central Europe – Austria and the surrounding countries Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland.

That is why it is only logical that by opening a showroom in Madrid, we are aiming at expanding on the Iberian peninsula. And not only we will caffeinate Spain and Portugal but also other nearby countries such as France, Monaco and Luxemburg. All of these countries have rich traditions in coffee consumption. And their appetite for specialty coffee grows with each passing year.

What can you find at DABOV showroom in Madrid?

In DABOV showroom in Madrid, you will be able to find all the products from our catalogue – specialty coffeestea and chocolate. Of course, just like in our showroom in Vienna, in the Spanish capital also everyone is welcome to taste them on the spot. One can also buy freshly roasted whole beans or ground coffee for home.

Rumen, an experienced barista, will be in charge of distribution to wholesale partners. Thanks to his efforts our online shop will soon be fluent in Spanish. And all coffees that are ordered on the Iberian peninsula will reach the addresses of thirsty coffee fans freshly-roasted in Madrid.

We are looking forward to welcome you and many new DABOV Specialty Coffee fans in Madrid!

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