DABOV Specialty Coffee has an address in Vienna too

Today, our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov and our barista Konstantin are visiting our partners in the Austrian capital, Biser Stoyanov and Savina Filipova, in their cozy Crunchy – Coffee & Nuts shop to present DABOV Specialty Coffee to their clients. September 13th is a very busy day on Josefstädterstrasse, where Crunchy – Coffee & Nuts is located at number 5. The stores will participate in an outdoor event, where everybody will showcase their products. Those who visit it will be among the first to enjoy the latest coffee in the DABOV Specialty Coffee catalog, Ethiopia Hambela (expect it in Sofia and in our online store on October 1st!)

Today, Jordan Dabov presents our coffees there

Where to taste DABOV Specialty Coffee in Vienna

It is at Crunchy – Coffee & Nuts of Josefstädterstrasse 5 since May that you can try our coffees or buy a package for home. In the shop, they can grind your coffee for the pot you will be preparing it at home. And Biser and Savina prepare incredibly tasty cappuccino and espresso!

Who are DABOV Specialty Coffee’s representatives in Vienna

Biser and Savina are DABOV Specialty Coffee’s representatives in Vienna. Some time ago, they had an idea of ​​opening a health and nutrition shop in the city. They claim they were lucky because they found a place with a very good machine and everything one needs to make coffee. Biser explains that they have long been lovers of coffee and therefore thought that the place offered a good opportunity for a start. After opening the shop, they worked with a local coffee distributor but the demand for high quality led them back home, to Bulgaria, where they met Jordan Dabov. And so began their journey into the world of specialty coffee.

Biser confirms it: “Things went well. I think we were able to find what satisfies our customers, namely, delicious coffee and we are all happy. ”

Most clients favor Brazil Alianca and Biser confides: “The more advanced” prefer Ethiopia Yirgacheffe and, of course, the incredible geishas. But overall we chose to work with coffees in different categories and from different world regions. We followed the recommendations, and we tasted all coffees ourselves.”

Is the consumption of specialty coffee growing in Vienna?

The Specialty Coffee culture in Vienna is quite developed and dynamic, explains Biser. Therefore, consumption is logically increasing. “There are a lot of people who are interested, have the knowledge and are willing to try,” our partner adds. – And we tend to offer them different coffees and challenge their tastes. That’s great fun! We still have a lot to learn.”

What makes Crunchy – Coffee & Nuts a special place

In a market so rich and abundant in similar proposals, finding a niche is a difficult and constant challenge. According to Biser, their customers appreciate the coffee and the other products – nuts, tahini, raw vegan candies, and since recently ice cream (without sugar, milk, and colorings). “We are all very friendly, we converse with our clients, we treat them – things that are not very typical here.

Our ambition is to start selling more coffee packages – to households, cafes, offices. There is great potential but also great competition.”

So when you visit Vienna, the address at which you can have a better cup of DABOV coffee, DelmarTe fragrant teas and Chocotigo hot and iced chocolates is: Crunchy – Coffee & Nuts – 5 Josefstädterstrasse.

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