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Dabov Specialty Coffee in Fantastico: Specialty coffee is now closer to you than ever before

Dabov Specialty Coffee is on a mission to bring the vast world of specialty coffee as close to you as possible. Especially, the magic of the coffee farms, the hard work and dedication of everyone behind that one unique experience of you sipping your cup of coffee.

In our 14 years of experience in the industry, we have managed to make this mission a reality, spreading Dabov Specialty Coffee across the breadth of Bulgaria and Europe and making it accessible to all lovers of quality coffee.

“We have been offering specialty coffee on the Bulgarian market for 14 years, and although at the beginning our venture seemed impossible, today we not only have a large following of roasters or importers of specialty coffee, but also like-minded customers from all walks of life. We have become convinced that specialty coffee is for everyone” shares the Dabov Specialty Coffee team.

As we continue on our journey, we are delighted to announce the start of the partnership between Dabov Specialty Coffee and the Fantastico supermarket chain. Now, more than ever, you have the opportunity to encounter the unique experience we offer and immerse yourself in the magic of the world’s finest coffee. We’re sure that once you try it, you will fall in love with it.

You can now discover some of our iconic flavours at Fantastico:

The coffees are available in beans and ground for home espresso machines. 

We have also thought of coffee capsule lovers – in Fantastico you can buy:

All products are available in the following Fantastico locations:


  • Studentski grad /by Vega Hotel/, blvd. “G.M. Dimitrov” 77, 1172
  • Lyulin 1, ul. “Toma Georgiev” 1, 1360
  • Lyulin 6 /centre/, bul. “Jawaharlal Nehru” 26, 1336
  • Nadezhda 3,  blvd. “Khan Kubrat” 26, 1229
  • Mladost 4 /to Business Park/, ul. “Dr. Atanas Moskov” 15, 1715
  • Studentski grad, ul. “Akad. Boris Stefanov” 12, 1700
  • SkyCity Mall, ul. “Kosta Lulchev” 52, underground floor of SkyCity mall, 1574
  • Dragalevtsi Shopping Centre, ul. “Cherni Vrah” 204, 1415
  • Hadzhi Dimitar, ul. “Makgahan” 81, 1510
  • Darvenitsa, blvd. Sv. Kliment Ohridski 15,1756
  • Ovcha Kupel, ul. “Lyublyana” 42A, 1618
  • Geo Milev, ul. “Nikolay Kopernik” 27, 1574
  • Mladost 1, ul. “Jerusalem” 22, 1784
  • Manastirski Livadi, ul. “Pirin” 51, 1404


  • ul. “Vitosha” 1A


  •  “Izgrev”, ul. “Stefan Stambolov” 138, 1320


  • Fantastiko Shopping Centre, ul. “Yuri Gagarin” 52,  2304

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