Degustation Box Kenya

Degustation Box Kenya – 5 unique flavours from Kenya

A chance to win 1kg of coffee of the month for August!

We invite you to embark on an unforgettable adventure with the flavours of Kenya with five magnificent coffees.

They have been specially selected by our coffee hunter, Jordan Dabov, and have been grown with care and attention by our friends and partners at Kenya Farms.

Perhaps you too are curious as to why he chose these five coffees during his travels in Kenya. We offer you the opportunity to find out for yourself! With Degustation Box Kenya, you’ll have the unique chance to step into our coffee hunter’s shoes and blind taste the five coffees to determine for yourself what flavors and aromas they have!

We’ll make sure these five coffees come to you with no information about variety, roast profile or flavor notes. And with free shipping!

And that’s not all! If you purchase Degustation Box Kenya, you’ll have the opportunity to vote for the specialty coffee that has captivated your senses. The coffee with the most votes will become the coffee of the month for August and one of you will have the chance to win 1kg of it!

What can you win?

Anyone who purchases a Degustation Box Kenya by 26 July 2022 is eligible to enter a prize draw to win an amazing prize – a 1kg pack of the coffee that gets the most votes.

All you have to do is try each of the amazing specialty coffees from Kenya and let us know which one is your favourite.

The coffee that wins the hearts of the most people will become August’s Coffee of the Month. And one of you will win 1 kg. of it!

Enjoy these 5 wonderful flavours from Kenya and when you choose your favourite, write its number in our poll along with your order number.

If you bought the box from one of our stores in Sofia, write the number of your receipt.

On 01.08.2022, we will announce the coffee with the most votes and the winner, who will be delighted with 1 kg of it.
What does the box contain?

5 packs x 200g with different coffees from Kenya

Grab your Limited Edition Kenya Tasting Box with 5 coffees and try your luck in our game!

All that’s left to do is choose whether you want your coffee beans or ground for a specific appliance and add it to your basket!

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