Disturbing News from Ethiopia in the Month of Ethiopian Coffee

We hope that all our partner farmers and their families are safe in this very tumultuous July

In July, with all African coffee flavors fans, we enjoy the spectacular finalists of the Cup Of Excellence Ethiopia 2020. At the same time, however, from the beginning of the month we have been receiving disturbing news from Ethiopia. We are happy to say that our partner from the farm of Moplaco, Heleanna Georgalis, wrote us that she was safe and sound. She has also had her internet connection restored two days ago.

You are probably aware of the fact that after the murder of singer and political activist Hachalu Hundesa on June 29, protests erupted in Ethiopia. Since their escalation into bloody riots, 239 people lost their lives. The country’s internet continues to be disrupted almost completely for the third week in a row.

The government has tried to explain that it is with this drastic act they are trying to prevent more possible provocations that could lead to more dramatic events and bloodshed.

The internet disruption has severely damaged the economy of Africa’s second most populous country. In addition, the country’s 110 million people are still suffering from the effects of the new Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic.

In the month wehave dedicated to Ethiopian coffees, we continue to be extremely concerned about this disturbing news from Ethiopia. We think of all our Ethiopian partners, the dozens of farmers, workers and their families. We remember the hands we shook and the smiles we exchanged during our visits there. We hope that soon the protests will come to a peaceful solution and life will return to normal. This way, our friends will be able to go out to their coffee farms again without fear and start cultivating in order to provide for their families.

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