August 18, 2022

Hard Tank joins the Dabov family

With summer in full swing, we’re all already dreaming of a relaxing day at the beach, listening to the sound of the waves crashing on the sand with a refreshing drink in our hand. Unfortunately, we can’t physically take you to the beach, but we can bring this wonderful summer experience to you, because we offer one of its key elements – a cold, refreshing and delicious Cold Brew.

Since very recently, Dabov Specialty Coffee has been an exclusive partner of Hard Tank – a professional Cold Brew system. The Polish brand for Cold Brew equipment has recently launched the HardTank Dispenser – a countertop tap system that can flow either cold brew coffee or cold brew tea, and also nitro cold brew. 

A few weeks ago, the new dispensing system won the SCA Award for Best New Product at the World of Coffee 2022 event in Milan, Italy. The invention serves as a container, cooler and dispenser that draws ready-to-drink coffee from the brewing machine through sealed tubes without oxidation. 

The Baby HardTank Cold Brew Machine also won SCA’s Best New Product Award in 2021. The machine provides the ability to watch the brewing process itself.

About the drink

Cold brew is a beverage made by steeping coffee in cold water. The low temperature of the water affects the taste of the coffee drink. It is refreshing, invigorating and lower in bitterness and also contains many more antioxidants than hot beverages.

Nitro Cold Brew is the way Cold Brew is served. The drink is saturated with nitrogen gas and served from a special tap that generates a ‘cascade effect’ often used by the legendary Guinness beer. Nitro cold brew is incredibly creamy, with a velvety feel on the palate while being quite refreshing.

For the preparation

Brewing a Cold Brew the traditional way is slow and laborious. Furthermore, the shelf life and quality of the drink are reduced because of the production method.

A few of the negatives of making cold brew by hand are the slow production (16-24 hours), the difficult and expensive filtration system (disposable paper filters) and the fact that oxidation during production has a negative impact on the overall quality.

On the other hand, HardTank’s dosing system guarantees 18 liters of cold beverage in just 60 minutes and up to 250 liters of cold brew per day. The system is fully automated, without the use of disposable paper and filters. The extraction is by pressure, which guarantees the purity of the beverage afterwards, i.e. the absence of microorganisms that occur naturally in foods. This enables you to enjoy great cold brewed coffee at any time – for a great summer experience.

Article written by napravimisait

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