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Host Milano With a Successful Live Edition

We from DABOV Specialty Coffee visited Host Milano, the largest European exhibition of the latest global innovations in coffee technologies and coffee products for coffee and HoReCa sectors

The 42nd Fiera Milano International Exhibition (known internationally as Host Milano) was held from 22 to 26 October 2021. The event is organized every two years. It shows the latest global innovations in the food industry and in particular in the coffee industry.

This year, Host Milano had 150,000 visitors from 43 countries. They got acquainted with the news from 2700 companies. 1291 exhibitors came to Milan. The world’s largest manufacturers discussed with each other the latest technical innovations, products and services in the sector. They also drew up scenarios that will shape the hospitality industry in the future.

Among the exhibitors were our partners Ancap, one of the leaders in production of high quality porcelain coffee cups and coffee beverages cups; Lelit, the Italian coffee machines we offer for an amazing home espresso experience; Metalurgica Motta, barista accessories and coffee accessories producers – accessories that are an integral part of the coffee equipment of every good coffee lover; Welbilt – manufacturers of Expobar coffee machines; San Remo, manufacturers of coffee machines Sanremo Opera and Sanremo Racer – among the most high-tech Italian coffee machines; Hario, manufacturer of our favorite accessories for making good-quality coffee at home, as well as many baristas accessories and tools; La Marzocco, manufacturer of high-tech coffee machines for perfect espresso drinks; Modbar, the futuristic coffee machines we showcase in our store in Sofia, on The 5 Corners (Pette kiosheta) and many, many others.

“The gamble of going back to meeting in person proved to be a winner – comments Luca Palermo, CEO and General Manager of Fiera Milano. – There was a great desire to do business live, as shown by the meetings of the more than 150 thousand visitors with more than 2,700 companies.” 

Making a beautiful, aesthetical and delicious coffee drink with a milk base is part of the latte art.

What were the coffee events within Host Milano

This year, 800 events took place within Host Milano. Some of them were directly related to coffee. With the presence of the best baristas, latte artists and various world specialists in the preparation of drinks from brown roasted beans, visitors witnessed the competitions World Barista Championship, Brewers Cup and World Cup Tasters. These major events for the coffee sector were held for the first time within Host Milano. This was possible by the agreement reached between the Italian hosts and the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA). You can read more about the three events in our article.

In addition to the mentioned competitions, Host Milano also hosted the Second Italian Late Art Championship. The winners also competed in the World Battle of Late Art. The Seventh Grand Prix of the Italian coffeeshops also took place. A special coffee tasting corner was also organized.

Despite the pandemic, Host Milano was visited live by hundreds of thousands of guests.

Espresso technologies and coffee machines

Besides barista competitions, exhibitors from all over the world presented on their stands coffee machines, coffee grinders, vending machines for coffee and tea, coffee capsule machines, packaging machines, coffee and barista accessories, various coffees, teas, including basic mixtures for the preparation of various cocktail drinks, bar and restaurant equipment, professional catering items and many more.

“Simple” or “complex” coffee machine – the exhibitors had something for every taste.

Espresso machines and coffee machines for home

It was visible during the exhibition that global companies are striving to offer, as a response to the pandemic and the restrictions it imposed, convenient, affordable, but at the same time high-quality opportunities for brewing coffee at home. Many companies focused on comfortable and elegant home espresso machines. Among them are our partners, Lelit, with one of the most popular home espresso machines, Bianca. Many visitrs didn’t hesitate to make espresso on this particular coffee machine.

Many companies have introduced a wide portfolio of home coffee machines for capsules and doses. Capsule coffee machines are popular not only on our market. Capsule coffee machines compatible with Nestle – Nespresso and Dolce Gusto capsules were mainly available.

Innovation in capsule production was obvious. Some manufacturers have replaced aluminum capsules and plastic capsules with degradable cardboard or biodegradable packaging. The most revolutionary proposals put ground coffee in a material similar to the tea sachets – these packages are biodegradable and decompose completely in the soil in 6 months.

Among the most modern appliances are stand-alone appliances for milk foam, as well as compact espresso machines. Their design is minimalist and seems to deliberately aim at the lack of resemblance to coffee appliances. The technologies used in them are also state-of-the-art. If you are wondering what is the difference between traditional coffee machines with which you can prepare espresso and coffee and milk beverages at home and compact ones, imagine that the traditional one is made of compact plus a separate device for milk frothing. Ie with the compact you can only make an espresso, just like with a portable espresso machine.

At the same time, a number of manufacturers have introduced simplified coffee machines. Probably as a response to the increasingly sophisticated espresso machines, which must be connected to Bluetooth, and have a touchscreen interface and what not. And in front of those high-tech monsters the amateur baristas feel puzzled. Clean designs with fewer but basic features are available. They also look understandable and enticing to beginners as well.

Coffee beans and ground coffee could be seen everywhere, and the aroma of coffee dazzled throughout the showroom. Various coffee brands brought their latest coffee products, presented by top baristas and gathered applause from the audience.

Water was also a main figure in the exhibition. As the coffee beverage consists of 98% water, many exhibitors offered high-tech water purification systems. Through them, water can reach the optimal amounts and balance of minerals in order to subsequently help the coffee flavour characteristics stand out.

We came back from there with a lot of new ideas. Of course you will be the first to learn about them.

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