Jordan Dabov features in Perfect Daily Grind’s article

Our coffeehunter contributed to the specialty coffee media’s research on why producers grow expensive coffees and why roasters buy them

Perfect Daily Grind has published an in-depth article looking for the reasons behind the decisions that lead farmers to produce expensive coffees and roasters around the world to buy them.

The leading media dedicated on specialty coffee news converses with several industry experts, among which the award-winning producer Wilford Lamastus Jr from Lamastus Family Estates. He won Best of Panama in two consecutive years, (2018 and 2019) and set a new record in the online auction last year with his Geisha; our own Jordan Dabov, who apart from being DABOV Specialty Coffee’s owner, is also in the Cup of Excellence international jury since 2013 and in Best of Panama international jury in the past two years. In 2019, he also bought the highest-rated Geisha in COE in the whole world; and Ibrahim Al Mallouhi, the United Arab Emirates 2018 Brewers Championship winner and a fellow roastery owner – of The Espresso Lab in Dubai. 

Each one of them adds an opinion to the matter from their point of view based on their respective places in the industry while the article draws a conclusion on the role exclusive and expensive coffees play in today’s market. 

Read Perfect Daily Grind ‘s article to find our why specialty coffee producers invest in growing exclusive coffees, who has an interest and money to buy them and how are they priced!

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