January 28, 2022

Jordan Dabov Opens the 2022 Coffee Hunting Season

Our Coffee Hunter Will Find The Best Coffees For You First In Ethiopia And Kenya

Jordan Dabov opens the 2022 coffee hunting season and he aims at specialty coffee! This week our coffee hunter is leaving for Africa, where he will visit Ethiopia and Kenya. We are excited because we expect him to taste amazing
coffees from which to choose the best for you.

Follow Jordan Dabov’s every step of his journey in his video diary for Ethiopia!

Ethiopia – 2022 coffee hunting season in Gesha Village

One of the places that Jordan Dabov will visit now is Gesha Village Coffee Estate. You know that the homeland of the most famous Arabica variety, Geisha, is Ethiopia. And this coffee farm definitely has something to offer, that’s
why it was chosen by our coffee hunter. It is located in western Ethiopia, close to the border with South Sudan, in the dense forests of the Bench Maji area. An area of stunning natural beauty, where Gesha Village Coffee Estate stretches
over 471 hectares.

Who are the farmers behind Gesha Village

Rachel Samuel and Wilem Booth founded Gesha Village six years ago. Rachel was born in Ethiopia, but she rediscovered the country when she visited it in 2007 to make a documentary about the amazing Ethiopian coffee. Wilem, on the other hand, is from San Francisco. His passion is the geisha variety, and he is an expert training farmers to grow quality coffee.

The two have been looking for a long time for a suitable terrain for growing geishas. The ideal place – with high altitude, abundant rainfall, temperate climate and other important factors necessary for the production of coffee of
excellent quality, found in Bench Magi. The farm is located next to the Geisha Forest, the birthplace of the geisha variety and the place where it was discovered and moved to Panama in the 1930s. Nd as you know, from Panama
it became famous all over the world.

There Jordan Dabov will taste several geishas, produced in the spirit ofsustainable development. We will give you more details soon!

In the meantime, if you want to enjoy superb Ethiopian coffee, taste our latest Ethiopia Guji Chire or the equally delicious Ethiopia Wonago.

Recall everything about the geisha variety and our history with it in our article!

And you can also taste two of our great geishas – the finalist from Best of Panama 2021, Cafe Panama Ironman V Geisha BOP #13 2021 and the fragrant geisha from Finca El Puente – Cafe Honduras Geisha Marisabel & Moises Wet.

Follow Jordan Dabov’s every step of his journey in his video diary for Ethiopia!

Kenya – 2022 coffee hunting season

Kenya is the second destination of Jordan Dabov’s trip. As we have already told you, Kenya is among the 20 largest coffee producers in the world, and in Africa it ranks 5th. But quantity has never been an end in itself for local farmers. The country is famous as the place where some of the most refined coffee flavors in the world are grown. Quality for years there is the most important aspiration for farmers. Depending on the region, variety and processing, Kenyan coffee can have a wide range of flavors.

That’s why our coffee hunter has identified some very interesting destinations for specialty coffee in the African country and we will expect to share soon details of what he tasted there and what we can offer you here.

In the meantime, you can prepare a cup of fragrant 100% Arabica coffee Kenya AA Kamuangi and read some interesting facts about Kenyan coffee from in our article!

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Article written by napravimisait

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