February 4, 2022

Kenya 2022: Video Diary Of The Coffee Hunter

The most interesting parts of Jordan Dabov’s trip to Kenya

As you know, Jordan Dabov’s first trip for 2022 to Ethiopia and Kenya has started. In search of the best coffees in the world, he will visit these two African countries, known for their unique coffee flavors.

Follow in this article the video diary of our coffee hunter in Kenya, in which we will constantly upload new videos, so that you know at any moment not only where he is, but also what coffees he is cupping to choose the best for you!

Day 1, 04.02.2022: Jordan Dabov arrives in Kenya

Day 2, 05.02.2022: Jordan Dabov somewhere on the road from one of Kenya’s coffee destinations to another

Day 3, 06.02.2022: Jordan Dabov is about to cup Kenyan specialty coffees

You can follow Jordan Dabov’s trip to Ethiopia as well in our article!

Article written by napravimisait

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