Lamastus sets a new record in Best of Panama auction

After last year’s USD 803 per pound record, Geisha from Elida Estate / Lamastus Family Estate was bought on Tuesday for the USD 1029 per pound.

The online auction of 49 coffees from the Best of Panama competition took place on July 16. In the competition, for the second consecutive year, our founder Jordan Dabov was among the jurors. The BOP winner with a new world record of 95, 25 points in the dry process, Geisha by Elida Estate / Lamastus Family Estate, has set a new record. Last year it was sold for USD 803 per pound but now it managed to raise $1029 per pound. This means that its buyers, roasters from Asia and the United States, will pay a total of USD 102,900 per 100 pounds of this incredible coffee.

The coffee, which ranks second in auction revenue, is again from Elida Estate / Lamastus Family Estate – their Washed Geisha, which beat the competition with 95 points, was sold for USD 331 per pound or a total of USD 33,100.

You can see all the auction results on the Panama Special Coffee Association’s website.

1st Place Traditional Natural – 89.27 pts – Las Brumas Panamá

Panama Geisha breaks the world record in Best of Panama

The producers of the specialty coffee of Panama and all its fans around the world were stunned after the final results of the 23rd Best of Panama competition were revealed on 25th of May. With record 95 points the Washed Geisha from Elida Estate / Lamastus Family Estates won the first place. The award-winning lot was cultivated at 1,800 meters above sea level and gathered the best score of the competition, where three of the 21 international judges graded it with 97 points.

This is a new record of the specialty coffee of Panama and a second win in a row for Lamastus Family Estates, which triumphed last year as well in this category with 94.38 points. This is also the highest score achieved in specialty coffee competitions around the world and means that the Washed Geisha comes with an almost perfect cup, according to the chief judge of the international competition, Will Young, from Australia.

The Lamastus Family Estates were happy to win also the 1st Place in the Geisha Natural category with 95.12 pts.

“I cannot even explain what this triumph means, I feel proud, this prize is won once in a lifetime or in a generation,” producer Wilford Lamastus who is also president of the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama, said excitedly in front of Panama Today.

The family surpassed their own results from last year and estimated that in the online auction it would be possible to break the world record price from 2018 when an Asian buyer paid $803 per pound for their Geisha.

In each category judged by the 21  world specialty coffee specialists, the quality of the Panamian coffee beans stood out, with the diversity of flavors and fragrances.

It is safe to say that in Panama the quality of the Geisha coffee variety invariably improves year after year since it was discovered by the Peterson family from Hacienda Esmeralda. To mark the anniversary of ‘the biggest discovery in specialty coffee, the Geisha variety,’ as the Specialty Coffee Association of Panama put it, the Peterson family were awarded by SCAP with the Panama Cup 2019 for accumulating the most total points in all the categories.

The jurors were pleased that even though the production of Geisha was low this year, the quality was extraordinary, Mike Perry, a US judge shared.

1st Place Pacamara – 89.58 pts – Damarli Estate

Geisha continues to impress with its quality

In each category, which was rated by 21 world specialty coffee specialists, the quality of Panama specialty coffee impressed with a variety of flavors. “Geisha is an incredibly complex food because of the combination of interesting flavors – dark chocolate, milk chocolate, nuts, jasmine, bergamot, very elegant lemon, strawberry, rose,” notes our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov, the only European among the jurors. “It is remarkable how these flavors can be separated at once, so you can feel them while cupping, but also work harmoniously together, hand in hand in the ultimate sensation. “

Experts are of the opinion that the quality of the Geisha variety is undoubtedly improving over the past year since it has been discovered by the Peterson family on their farm, Hacienda Esmeralda. To commemorate the 15th anniversary of “the most significant discovery in the world of specialty coffee,” the Panama Special Coffee Association awarded the Peterson family with Panama Cup 2019 for the largest total of all categories.

We are in the outbreak of a Geisha revolution

“BOP is a phenomenon that moves the industry in a direction that takes coffee from the category of product for everyday use into the category of extremely luxurious experience that you can only get from the finest examples of our planet like wine, “says Jordan Dabov. And this year his fellow judges were impressed by the fact that despite the low yield, the quality of production remains remarkable.

“Geisha is something revolutionary, states our coffee hunter. “Starting with its yield and getting to the most important, its taste, no other coffee can match the Geisha. Our Chief juror, Will Young, believes that what happened to Bordeaux wine is happening today with Geisha in Panama. That is why, for the second year in a row he also brought a hundred points wine from that French region, to prepare us that the Geisha coffees we will try would be phenomenal.”

1st Place Traditional Washed – 88.67 pts – Hacienda Barbara

What is the main difference between the Cup of Excellence and Best of Panama

Immediately after Best of Panama Jordan Dabov was among the jurors of Cup of Excellence Honduras. His participation in several editions in different countries in recent years gives him a perspective about the two world specialty coffee competitions that few people have.

“If we have to compare Cup of Excellence (COE) with Best of Panama (BOP), we will see that there are many major differences between them, although both rate specialty coffee,” says Jordan Dabov. “Many people today think that if they participate in the COE and win a prize there, whether it be first, tenth or fifteen, they have to give up the next year. This is because in its core COE is a competition that should give unknown farmers the chance to show the world how many extraordinary coffees they can produce. In Honduras, for example, there are 110,000 farmers! Paradoxically, however, a lot of farmers continue to participate again and again, even though they have already won.

In Panama, 99.9% of the same farmers participate in the BOP year after year. I wondered why, even more, because this year in both categories – Geisha Natural and Geisha Washed, the winner is the same farm that won the awards last year – why don’t they give up and give way to others? The answer is simple: there are no others. BOP’s idea is to show the world how special Geisha is.”

Now SCAP is preparing for the online auction that will be held on July 19.