Specialty coffee from Finca La Virgen Nicaragua comes to Dabov

Which is the next Cup Of Excellence winner coffee that will come to Dabov Specialty Coffee? In September, we are expecting one more extraordinary specialty coffee from Finca La Virgen Nicaragua, produced by Ramacafe!

After the exciting and exhaustive cuppings and following the announcement of the winners, Dabov Specialty Coffee won the online auction of Cup of Excellence for Nicaragua La Virgen COE #6 2018.

We have chosen Finca La Virgen’s Nicaragua La Virgen COE #6 2018, the superb coffee with exceptional qualities, especially for you. The winner of the prestigious 6th place in Nicaragua’s Cup of Excellence 2018 stole the heart of our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov. Unsurprisingly, because of his experience, he was again invited to be among the judges at the most prestigious world coffee competition.

What is the taste of this Nicaraguan winning coffee?

Nicaragua La Virgen COE #6 2018 is characterized by a breathtakingly rich palette of flavors. In its taste, you can find notes of honey, watermelon, strawberry, golden raisin, banana, mango, and papaya. This consistent coffee with enhanced sweetness and velvety finish has a floral flavor and leaves a sense of malic acid. It is juicy and creamy. We bet that its colorful and strong body will make you choose it again and again.

Let us take a walk in the remarkable Finca La Virgen where this winning coffee was born.

Finca La Virgen belongs to the Huec Figueroa and Ponson Guyre families. It has grown specialty coffee since 1995. This makes for more than twenty years of experience, tradition, and innovation! Friendship, partnership, and passion for coffee have turned the farm into an exemplary model for sustainability, productivity, quality, and technology. Located in the breathtaking green mountains of Matagalpa region, Finca La Virgen boasts 180 hectares of coffee. How many of them do you think you can drink?

Who manages Finca La Virgen?

Gabriela Hueck is the professional who is behind this project. Always smiling and in a good mood, dispersing positive vibes around her. An incredible woman with huge energy, Gabriela produces for years some of the best coffees in Nicaragua. We are very proud to have one of them in our roastery.

What makes Finca La Virgen special?

In Finca La Virgen, they take care of the pickers who take care of the coffee. One of the first projects of the company since its establishment was the construction of homes for its permanent workers. Its founders treat the ecosystem with deep respect. La Virgen follows the path of sustainable development by investing in free education, computers, and health care for its employees and their families.

The farm is a heaven where people live in harmony with nature. They constantly improve their quality of life thanks to their work and the cultivation of specialty coffee. Isn’t this swell?

Unfortunately, the world of your beloved specialty coffee could be extremely dangerous.

You probably do not know that because of the political turmoil in Nicaragua in April 2018, all of the Cup of Excellence coffee was evacuated in Auckland, California. There, it expects to be exported all over the world. It is from there that one of the most remarkable coffees in our catalog, La Virgen-Ramacafe, will arrive in your cup. Right after you come back from your summer vacation, come to our shop and make sure you buy some of this coffee for you!

You may well remember that last year in Mexico, a truck transporting specialty coffee was abducted. This deprived farmers of participating in Cup of Excellence, and selling their coffees. Our Alliance for Coffee Excellence community organized a fundraiser for these farmers and we gathered a significant amount of money for the 6 farmers whose coffee was stolen. That’s why the prestigious competition has taken measures to protect the participants and their valuable production.

Which are the other winning coffees in Nicaragua Cup of Excellence 2018?

A lot of amazing coffees were presented in this year’s competition. You can check the full list of the winners in this article.

Do you know that…

It takes 7 days to set up the roasting profile of every new green coffee that is delivered to Dabov Specialty Coffee’s roastery. After numerous sample roasting and cuppings in the laboratory, our team determines the tastiest profile of your coffee.

Visit Finca La Virgen yourself at their official website.