Meet Ivan Ureña – the winner of Cup of Excellence Costa Rica 2021

Costa Rican coffee – tradition and heritage 

The story of this coffee began 40 years ago when Ivan’s father started his career as a farmer. From a young age, his work was always related to coffee crops – either picking coffee or helping his parents in the daily activities associated with production.

In 2014, the farm La Esmeralda, which is part of the larger farm Agua y Manto (9th place in 2020 COE), was purchased with great effort by the whole family. In the beginning, the priority was to produce avocados and other fruits from the region. Learning more and more about the specifics of farming, the family began to discover the potential of this land and its great qualities.

Тhe challenges of growing coffee

Since they already had some knowledge regarding coffee, the Ureña family decided to start with a small level. The first question and challenge they faced was deciding which variety to plant so that it would adapt best to the high altitude of the farm. In the end, they settled on several different coffee varieties and planted a few of each, deciding after two years and based on the results to keep Geisha, SL28 and Costa Rica 95.

“Growing coffee at this altitude is a great challenge that proves the patience and perseverance of the farmers. We have spared no effort during these 5 years to try to produce one of the best coffees in the world.”

The next big challenge they faced was processing the coffee. Although Ivan’s father had some experience, the whole family had to learn this new activity. Therefore, they started visiting other experienced micro-mills in the region to get tips and learn about the different processes.

The biggest reward – winning Cup of Excellence

All these challenges motivate the members of the Ureña family to continue their dedicated work and acquire new and crucial knowledge about coffee cultivation. The results are not delayed – in 2021, they achieve victory in the most prestigious specialty coffee competition – the Cup of Excellence – winning first place or their coffee is named the most delicious coffee of the year produced in Costa Rica. The funds from the sale of the Cup of Excellence auction are reinvested in the farm, which aims to achieve sustainable development over time and produce even better coffees. Thanks to this success, they have the opportunity to build a new greenhouse in which to try out new production processes. Ivan believes that innovation in coffee production will repay them in the future in a fitting way. 

“We know that we still have many challenges ahead of us, but we will continue to move forward with the conviction that we are producing excellent quality coffee in a sustainable way that is respectful of the environment and society.”

Coffee Beans Costa Rica La Esmeralda Dota – Geisha

This spring, our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov visited Fazenda La Esmeralda and after tasting this amazing coffee, he was able to convince Ivan to sell it to us. This is the last bag the family had saved for themselves and close friends.

The latest exclusive addition to Dabov’s specialty coffee collection – Coffee Beans Costa Rica La Esmeralda Dota – Geisha- impresses with its delicate notes of peach, jasmine and watermelon. Be among the first to try it – limited quantity!

Coffee Beans Costa Rica La Esmeralda – GeishaCoffee with a fruit flavor


A taste of perfection – this is the new specialty coffee Costa Rica La Esmeralda Dota – Geisha

Immerse yourself in the enchanting notes of juicy peach, delicate jasmine and fresh watermelon.

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