Month of Hario 15%OFF January 2022 Dabov Specialty Coffee

Month of Hario at DABOV

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Japanese company Hario, we offer you kits with which to prepare delicious coffee at home like real baristas because everyone could be a barista champion with Hario coffee accessories.

As you know, making the best coffee at home requires several things: the best coffee – beans or ground, brewing skills and quality coffee accessories. For the selection of the best coffees in the world, we trust our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov. To acquire skills, we always seek advice from our baristas, in our locations in Sofia or online in our social networks and during our Barista Academy courses. And for first-class coffee accessories – we look towards the world’s leading manufacturers, including the Japanese company Hario.

Hario celebrates 100 years of high quality products including coffee accessories

Since 1921, Hario has been making quality products from heat-resistant glass with original design. For more than 100 years, this Japanese company has been offering its customers beautiful, elegant and practical products.

Since its foundation, Hario has focused on the production of heat-resistant glass. To this day, they are the only producer of heat-resistant glass in Japan. 100 years ago, everything started with the production of glass products for laboratory needs. In 1948, however, the company started manifacturing products for the coffee industry because they realized that because heat-resistant glass was suitable for making coffee siphons, with their experience and skills, they could begin producing similar products.

So, step by step, Hario have been developing their portfolio with a variety of coffee accessories, which today go beyond the boundaries of heat-resistant glass and include other materials.

Hario also offers a wide range of tea accessories and more. Hario’s main goal is to create products that improve the quality of life of all who choose them for their home. All Hario coffee and tea accessories are reliable and safe. Our baristas, who use most of them in their work, can assure you of this.

Hario’s heat-resistant glass products are made from 100% natural and environmentally friendly materials that spare the earth’s resources. For example, since 1972, Hario’s heat-resistant glass has been produced smoke-free thanks to a unique technology that melts the glass using electricity instead of raw materials for combustion.

Hario’s coffee accessories – for world barista champions

In recent years, Hario has worked closely with a number of barista champions to improve their products. The company is increasingly involved in various international barista competitions with its diverse products. In 2021, they were among the participants in the international trade fair in Milan – Host Milan, and in particular in the three championships, which broadcast world champions in the categories of baristas, filtration and tasters.

As we have already informed you, the new World Brewers Cup champion is Matt Winton from Switzerland. He won the race using Hario’s metal V60 (VDM-02HSV). You can read more about the competition in our article.

The focus of the World Brewers Cup is brewing coffee by filtration methods with three separate drinks. Especially important in this regard is the choice of filtration device. Eleven participants (out of a total of 39), who are regional champions, used Hario filtered coffee makers. Obviously, they all know how to make coffee in the best accessories on the market.

You probably know that the increasingly popular V60 is a Hario invention.

The design of the V60’s shape is, as Hario says, a form of nature. The name of the V60 comes from its letter and V shape, which is at an angle of 60 degrees. The resulting cone is designed to hold a paper filter, has a large inflow hole, and the inside of the device has spiral ribs that allow air to be released during extraction. These are the standard features of the V60. Almost nothing has changed since the original design, which was developed in 2004.

Today, the V60 is available in a variety of varieties and materials, such as metal, porcelain, copper and high-quality plastic.

Hario’s month at DABOV Specialty Coffee

As official representatives of Hario for Bulgaria, we would like to celebrate the anniversary of the company. It would be most logical to try to help their high-quality coffee accessories reach the homes of as many people as possible. To prepare more and more delicious cups of coffee!

That is why we offer all Hario products until the end of January 2022 with 15% OFF.

And because we want to help you make coffee like a real professional at home, we also offer you several Hario sets to choose from.

And all these sets are currently at special prices with 25% OFF.

V60 and specialty coffee with chocolate flavor for a perfect start of the day

V60 Pot V60 filters Coffee Beans House Blend DIablo Dabov Specialty Coffee

Our set V60 + Filters + Our Coffee Blend with the strongest chocolate taste Diablo is a special gift for every connoisseur. You will be able to get acquainted with the extremely easy to use V60 and prepare one of our favorite blends – with a natural taste of appetizing chocolate. Of course, Diablo is 100% Arabica coffee – a mixture of several different coffee regions around the world. Try coffee in the V60 and say if it isn’t the most delicious filtered coffee you’ve ever tasted!

French coffee press combined with coffee with fruit flavor

French Press Coffee Beans honduras Finca El Puente Dabov Specialty Coffee

For all those who love filter coffee, we offer both old and modern brewing equipment in our set French Press and Honduras Caballero. The invention of the French coffee press is disputed by the Italians and the French. The fact is that in the early 19th century such a device was used in France. We offer you the elegant French press of Hario together with a special coffee from Honduras. It wins with a fresh fruity taste of orange and plum, combined with sweet chocolate. One note – the French press is also suitable for making loose tea! With one high quality glass appliance – two delicious drinks!

Become brewing champions with Hario with two sets for beginners and advanced

Limited Set 100 anniversary Hario V60 V60 Filters Coffee Pot Dabov Specialty Coffee

Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Brewing Kit – Hario is for barista ammateurs who want to add another to their collection of coffee devices one more. And try another coffee flavor, along with those of espresso coffee, cezve, coffee capsules and more. This set contains everything you need to make the perfect cup of coffee at home. With a V60 glass filter coffee maker, a box of 40 V60 paper filters and, of course, a heat-resistant V60 kettle. Bonus: you can carry this kit with you wherever you travel.

V60 Ceramic V60 Filters V60 Coffee Server Measuring Spoon Hario Dabov Specialty Coffee

The second set we offer you is elegant and compact. With it you will be able to indulge in filtration with a ceramic coffee filter – V60 with the Dabov logo, along with 100 filters, a serving jug and a measuring spoon. In the Set with V60 Coffee Dripper 02 And Coffee Pot XVDD-3012 – Hario we have included a ceramic coffee filter device – V60, which is created by the traditional Japanese method Arita Yaki. It has been passed down from generation to generation in Japan for 400 years.

Coffee accessories to transform coffee brewing into a ritual

Hario Set Lux V60 Kettle Buono Coffee Server Hario Scale Dabov Specialty Coffee

The latest set we offer you includes 5 coffee accessories. With them, the guaranteed preparation of delicious coffee at home can become simply a ritual.

The Hario Set – Lux includes everything you need in each step of the way of brewing coffee. With the scale with timer you can accurately measure the required amount of coffee to grind in the electric coffee grinder. It has special knives that do not break, but grind to a given size each coffee bean. With the Buono kettle with a capacity of 700 ml you can heat the water for your coffee and pour it on the ground coffee in the V60 coffee filter. And finally – to serve the delicious special coffee in the coffee pot.

All Hario products besides the described above sets can be purchased until the end of January 2022 with a 15% OFF.

Hario Set – Lux

5 coffee accessories of the world famous Japanese producer Hario that transform coffee brewing at home into a ritual!

Set “Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Brewing Kit” – HarioBrewing

The Limited Edition 100th Anniversary Brewing Kit – Hario includes a glass V60 dripper, a V60 Kettle Air, and a box with 40pcs of filters.

Everything you need to brew the perfect cup of 100% Arabica coffee at home.

Set V60 Coffee Dripper 02 + Coffee Pot XVDD-3012 – HarioBrewing

Everything you need for a professional, pour-over cup of coffee at home or work.

The Set with V60 Coffee Dripper 02 and Coffee Pot XVDD-3012 – Hario includes: V60-02 Coffee Dripper, V60-02 Coffee Server, Coffee scoop, box with 100 V60-02 paper filters.

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