We gave hope to three children

Thanks to those of you who donated a souvenir for our Charity Christmas Bazaar and to those of you who bought a souvenir, we were able to raise BGN 750 for each child in need of treatment.

As you know, on December 22nd, a Charity Christmas Bazaar took place in our showroom, with handcrafted art objects and souvenirs made by our friends and fans. The Christmas cards made by the children of DABOV Specialty Coffee employees were also included in the bazaar.

We continued selling the souvenirs from our Charity Christmas Bazaar until the end of the year and today we are happy to announce that thanks to your generosity we were able to gather BGN 750 for each of the children from our campaign.

These are Bojidara, 4 y.o. from Plovdiv, Crisco, 12 y.o. from Bankya and Yordana, 1,9 y.o. from Radomir. All of them need expensive treatment abroad that their families cannot afford.  

The good news is that Crisco’s parents succeeded in gathering all the money needed to begin his medical treatment! We strongly hope that soon we will receive more happy news like this regarding Bozhidara and Yordana.