DABOV offers you the first capsules with specialty coffee

We have decided to change your idea about espresso capsules by filling them with specialty coffee

Again first! DABOV Specialty Coffee is pleased to present to you the first capsules with specialty coffee. We have been offering products with exceptional quality for ten years now, helping the Bulgarian market to gradually raise its own standards. Always pioneers and never tired of taking a step further on the path of innovation, we pay attention to the desires of our increasingly educated and demanding customers. 

Specialty coffee in capsules thanks to DABOV

Espresso capsules are not new to our market but for the first time, they will be filled with specialty coffee thanks to DABOV Specialty Coffee. It is now possible to prepare your favorite shot at the home in your Nespresso® machine any time you like. Each capsule is carefully sealed to retain the rich aromas of ground coffee for a long time and to become a real espresso experience, crowned with velvety soft foam. You will feel like a real barista, who always achieves a perfect result because the capsules are compatible with Nespresso® machine.

“I am extremely grateful to Nespresso® because they gave me the opportunity to use their capsule made for their espresso machine and put in it the coffee that I appreciate,” says Jordan Dabov. “That’s how it has the great taste I imagine a coffee cup should have.” That is why we at DABOV, are confident that you, our customers, will be pleased with the new addition to our catalog.

Which coffees we have put in the capsules

For every one of you to discover the taste that best fills his day with a great mood diversity is an important prerequisite. That is why we have decided to offer you 4 different coffee labels.


The brown label has chocolate notes, hazelnut and milk aftertaste. To best represent it we have chosen our House Blend Diablo. You know it well as you have been choosing it and drinking it for years. That’s why it is still in our catalog. We start with it our espresso adventure, enclosed in capsules.

House Blend Diablo – Nespresso® compatible CapsulesBROWN LABEL



The blue label marks our superb decaffeinated House Blend Decaff. Elegant coffee with a dark chocolate flavor to celebrate the end of the day. You will be able to enjoy it in capsules at the beginning of May.


The red label is for those of you who love to find fresh fruity notes in their cup of coffee. We would like to choose a coffee from our collection that you would like to prepare at home for your Nespresso® machine together with you. Soon we will invite you to help us with the choice!


The black label offers exclusive coffee flavor. Balance of scents, body, taste and aftertaste – chocolate and ripe fruit merge to fill your palate with sweetness. We have selected one of our sweet, chocolate-fruity coffees to prepare for special occasions. You’ll soon discover which one it is!

The world of specialty coffee in a single capsule

DABOV Specialty Coffee capsules are compatible with Nespresso® machines. Each box contains 10 pcs. capsules. You can order them online – through our site, as well as buy them in our shop and showroom on 58, Lyuben Karavelov Street in Sofia.

Get ready for a different experience – so modern, so comfortable, so simple, so special!

Do you know that…

The espresso capsules were invented by the Swiss engineer Éric Favre in 1975, soon after he started working in Nestlé. Because of his Italian wife, Favre set out to find a way to make the most delicious espresso. He and his wife traveled to Italy and stayed in Rome. There, the Swiss engineer came up with the idea of ​​closing the coffee in capsules while watching the unusual way the Caffè Sant’Eustachio barista prepared espresso. However, it took ten years to Favre to convince his bosses that his idea might be profitable. This led to the foundation of the daughter company Nespresso®, and the producing of the capsules and the machine for them.

*Disclaimer: Nespresso® is a registered trademark owned by Societe Des Produits Nestle S.A. Mira Mar 08 is not connected or associated in any way with Nestle or Nespresso® S.A.