Be Who You Are Green Loose Tea DelmarTe Home 25g 75g
  • Be Who You Are Green Loose Tea DelmarTe Home 25g 75g

Be Who You Are – Green Tea (25g – 75g)



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Feel the energy that brings this green tea elixir mixed with ginkgo biloba, berries and roses.

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DelmarTe Be Who You Are – Green tea
Ingredients: green Sencha tea, blackberries, Ginkgo biloba (7.5%), elderberries and elderflowers, raspberries, flavouring, roses.
May contain traces of nuts.

Caffeine: 15-20 mg
Teapackage: loose
Available in: 25g; 75g
Effect: antioxidant Green tea has the greatest number of already proven benefits for human body among them helping in weight reducing.
Ginkgo biloba improves memory, blood circulation and mood, elderberries contribute towards detoxification of the body.
Raspberries can relieve various premenstrual symptoms and reduce stress, roses keep the skin clean.
With every sip of our tea your body receives a supply of green energy.
A single cup gives you balance, clear thoughts and good mood.
If you include our aromatic and beneficial teas in your varied, balanced diet, it is a guarantee that you will enjoy a healthy lifestyle.


  • quantity of tea: 10 g (approx.
    7 heaped tsp)
  • quantity of water: 1 l
  • water t˚: 90-92°С
  • brewing time: 8-10 min.
  • type of brewing: cannot be re-brewed
  • drinking recommendation: 1-2 times a day

Country of origin: China
Storage: in a dark, dry place away from odors.

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