Tea Box “Best Wishes” with 3 teas



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Еxpress your most sincere feelings and best wishes to someone with three of our most sophisticated teas.
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Еxpress your most sincere feelings and best wishes to someone with three of our most sophisticated teas from the Premium collection – fragrant white, enchanting black and refreshing green tea.
The box includes: Taj Mahal – box 20pcs Ingredients: White Shou Mei tea, apples, strawberries (3%), flavouring, calendula, aloe flavouring (1.8%).
May contain traces of nuts.
White tea is the antioxidants champion among teas, apples stimulate immunity, strawberries promote good peristalsis, calendula improves skin health and so does aloe.
Treat yourself with a deep meditation for health with the pearl in the crown of tea types, white tea.
Arabian Nights – box 20pcs Ingredients: Black tea, flavouring, cherries, orange blossom, jasmine, roses.
May contain traces of nuts.
Black tea energizes and has a beneficial effect on the heart, and so do cherries, which also lower high blood pressure, orange blossoms slow down aging and improve digestion, jasmine improves cholesterol levels and has a relaxing effect, roses keep the skin clean.
The positive energy that fills every day with happiness, in a fragrant mixture of black tea, fruits and flowers.
Raspberry Garden – box 20pcs Ingredients: Green Sencha tea, large cranberries (Vaccinium macrocarpon) (large cranberries, sugar, sunflower oil), elderberries, flavouring, raspberries, purple coneflowers.
May contain traces of nuts.
Green tea has the greatest number of already proven benefits for human body among them helping in weight reducing, cranberries can lower the fever in colds and flu and prevent complications from viral infections, elderberries contribute towards detoxification of the body, raspberries can relieve various premenstrual symptoms and reduce stress, purple coneflowers contribute towards the natural immunity of the body.
Irressistible fruit explosion combined with the charateristic, fresh green Sencha tea flavor.


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