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For a flavorsome and happy Christmas with 24 different premium teas It is possible to taste as many of our superb premium DelmarTe teas as possible in a single box. Along with your favourite tea flavours you will discover many new ones that you have never tasted. 
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For a flavorsome and happy Christmas with 24 different premium teas How to make it possible for you to taste as many of our superb DelmarTe teas as possible? And how to give to you some of your favourite tea flavours with some new that you have never tasted? When is the best time for indulgence and a daily dose of happiness? The answers to those questions led to the creation of our DelmarTe Advent Calendar 2022.
It is especially for your – all luxurious teas from around the world lovers! We offer you 24 exquisite teas with unique flavors in 50 g and 25 g packs that will bring you comfort, warmth and happiness in the cold days left before Christmas.
Why is DelmarTe Advent Calendar especially for you? DelmarTe Advent Calendar brings you one in-a-lifetime opportunity to taste some extremely rare teas fit for the most exquisite tea ceremonies.
We have also included some classics that you will never grow tired of because we make sure to always find their representatives with the highest possible quality.
For all fans of unorthodox mixtures we have chosen some amazingly tasty and rich mixtures of green, black or white teas with fruits, flowers and herbs.
Speaking about herbs, we must add that we have included some aromatic herbal teas, without any trace of caffeine.
And some fantastic fruit teas.
Both suitable for the whole family.
We guarantee you an incomparable tea experience and a true luxurious pleasure that you will remember for a long time.
We also guarantee that if you choose to make another tea lover happy with our DelmarTe Advent Calendar, this will be the most delicious December in their life.
Every day you will have the opportunity to get the Tea of the Day – 125g and 75g at a special price – 15% from the actual price – from our online shop or at our saloons in Sofia at 58, Lyuben Karavelov Str.
or at 15, Hristo Botev Blvd.
We can’t wait for you to try it!


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