First cupping of DABOV coffees in Brazil ever

On Oct. 11, our coffee hunter will present some of our finest award-winning coffees in Um Coffee, São Paulo

Jordan Dabov heads to the biggest Brazilian city, São Paulo, for two special cuppings in October. On the 11th of next month he will met coffee lovers in Um Cafe’s Bom Retiro coffee shop and present to them some of our most precious items from the catalog during the first ever cupping of Dabov coffees in Brazil.

Jordan starts his Brazilian adventure 2019

The Brazilian coffee buffs will be able to taste BOP (Best of Panama) winning coffee – Dona Elvira – Geisha Washed #16 BOP 2018 and one more rare and highly rated Geisha, Ninety Plus Panama Geisha Lycello. As you know, they are extremely tasty and limited.

Only 20 lucky guests will be able to hear more about the world of specialty coffee, how DABOV has been expanding in it for almost 11 years, how Jordan finds the best coffees in the world and selects our among them and what is it to be part of two very exclusive clubs – those of the jurors in Cup of Excellence and Best of Panama.

Whoever wants to secure a place for the morning or afternoon session of the first ever cupping of Dabov coffees in Brazil on October, 11, can follow the link. Our friends from Um Coffee visited us in Sofia this past June and we had some great time cupping coffees. In 2018, Jordan shared with them his knowledge about roasting coffee during a training in Brazil.

Um Coffee Co. roast coffees – some of them they cultivate in their own fazenda in Minas Gerais, in Serra da Mantiqueira, and some of them from partners. Um Coffee has several coffee shops in São Paulo. They are a space for lovers of specialty coffees in the Brazilian city and they also offer courses and cuppings.

Chapter One – Brazil

The cupping in Um Coffee is only the beginning of Jordan’s big adventure in Brazil this October. From 15 till 20th, he will participate in Cup of Excellence Brazil as a juror for a fourth time. What is really special about this edition of the most special world coffee competition, is that it will celebrate its 20th anniversary. Yes – it was two decades ago when it all started exactly in Brazil. And this year, our coffee hunter is among the very few people from all over the world invited to cup the newest batch of Brazil’s finest specialty coffees.

Stay tuned for more details!

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