Refer a friend

If you like what we do, share your experience with friends who would appreciate a better cup of coffee

If you like what we do and have friends who would appreciate a cup of great coffee, share your experience with them and we will thank you about this!

Refer friend and we will send you a coupon code worth EUR 5. Your friend will get 5% OFF from their first order!

How to refer a friend?

1. Go to Refer a friend section in your profile on

2. You will see a link and a code – choose one of them (the one that it is easier for you to use) and decide whether you will send it in an email or share it via social network.

3. Your friend will enter our site through this link or will apply the code when he concludes his order and this way he will receive 5%OFF from his first order.

4. When he does that, you will receive a coupon worth of EUR 5.

5. Use the coupon in our online shop up to 1 month after you receive it. After one month, it is no longer valid.

6. At the bottom of the section Refer a friend you can track your sent and received coupons. 


– If you refer 10 friends, you will not only receive a coupon worth of EUR 50 but also a ticket for a Coffee Cupping for Two.
– You can refer an unlimited number of friends!