Specialty Coffee Expo 2018 has began

This year’s Specialty Coffee Expo will be held from 19th April to 22nd April in Seattle, WA. We are so happy that our founder Jordan Dabov is once again in the eye of the coffee storm and will share with us some of the spicy innovations from the world of Specialty coffee.

Specialty Coffee Expo was designed to be the coffee professional’s one-stop shop for everything they need to succeed in the highly competitive world coffee industry. As the industry’s standard setter, the Specialty Coffee Association has built a solid reputation over the last 30 years of providing the most up to date, qualified information and providing our members the tools to succeed.

Specialty Coffee Expo has everything for everyone in the coffee world. Roasters and Retailers could attend and have the opportunity to exhibit their products on the show floor, network with the industry’s decision makers, and further their professional careers by participating in the SCA’s numerous lectures, labs or certificate programs.

Food and Beverage professionals could attend to view the industry’s most innovative and cutting-edge coffee products, learn about integrating specialty coffee into their existing business plan, and easily make purchasing decisions face to face on the show floor.

Coffee Enthusiasts of all professional backgrounds could attend to participate or watch the coffee competitions, mingle with like-minded attendees at receptions and lunches, or learn more about the art of cupping, brewing or roasting in our educational programs.

The Specialty Coffee Association works tirelessly all year to create an event that will be all-inclusive for every aspect of the coffee industry and benefit all coffee professionals and markets. As they say: ” If coffee is your business, your career path or your passion, the Specialty Coffee Expo is the only show you need to attend to reach your goals in the industry.”

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