May 30, 2022

Specialty Coffee In Special Home Compostable Capsules

We have decided to put some of our specialty coffees in a special new outfit, home compostable Nespresso compatible capsules.

We know that coffee capsules have become quickly a preferred option by coffee lovers. And this has its explanation. A single capsule saves time during a busy weekday.

We at DABOV value the time of our customers and we believe that this should not be at the expense of the quality of the drinks. That is why, after a long search for the best capsules, we offer you a new solution. Meet our new Nespresso compatible home compostable coffee capsules with 6 well-known and beloved specialty coffee flavors.

As some of you know, we were the first to offer specialty coffee capsules on the Bulgarian market in 2019. Although at the time we could guarantee the quality of coffee in them, we faced other problems, including technical ones, which did not allow you to have a drink with consistent quality as you deserve.

We have also always searched for the greenest possible solution. One that harms neither human body nor nature. We are on the path that, one day hopefully will lead us to a coffee consumption with no carbon footprint. That’s why we chose to put our specialty coffees in capsules that are home compostable.

Why are these Nespresso compatible coffee capsules special?

We realize that it is not enough for the coffee capsules to be just recycable. The best solution for our planet is to use renewable resources.

That’s why we trusted Vegeplast, an innovative French company set up to offer new ways to use agricultural crops. In 2010, the company launched biodegradable Nespresso compatible coffee capsules.

The Vegemat material from which they are made is composite andobtained by transformation (without separation or purification) of all aboveground parts of cereals, oilseeds, fibrous plants that contain starch, proteins, lipids and cellulose. In other words, Vegeplast coffee capsules are made entirely from bio-certified plant products.

These Nespresso compatible coffee capsules have oxygen barrier, which allows the taste and aroma of coffee to be preserved as much as possible.

And last but not least, a detail that was very important to us, you will notice that these Nespresso compatible biodegradable coffee capsules ensure a constant flow of the beverage from the machine. As a result you get an aromatic coffee drink.

Better for nature and better coffee taste

Today we can say that Dabov Specialty Coffee offers the only home compostable and Nespresso compatible specialty coffee capsules on the Bulgarian market. And as you enjoy great coffee taste and superior quality, we guarantee that this will not be at the expense of nature.

The capsules, in which we put our excellent, a 100% Arabica coffees, decompose in 6 months, and under optimal conditions, e.g. in nitrogen-rich coffee grounds or in organic soil – even faster. They are compostable, with 100% plant origin and 0% content of petrochemicals and aluminum.

They are available both in small boxes with 10 pcs. and in large packages with 70 pcs or 110 pcs. The second one being an eco-friendly option. When you choose it, you save harmful emissions from courier services and you don’t need to visit our shops several times.

With Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules, we at DABOV once again invite you to think green and be green together, as, as you well know, we have done many times before.

What are the specialty coffees’ flavors in our capsules?

We have decided to start with several proven classic coffee flavors, which unsurprisingly have been among your favorites for years now.

Colombia – Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules – for fans of Colombian coffee, an invigorating drink with hints of red apple, sugar cane and caramel.

Ethiopia – Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules – directly from cofeee’s homeland to your cup – a fresh combination of flavors and hints of peach, fig and apricot.

Brazil – Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules – your everyday coffee with a taste of milk chocolate, biscuits and toffee.

Kenya Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules offer an enchating encounter with yet another classic coffee origin, Kenya. Brown sugar adds sweetness to the rich fruit flavor of fresh plum and ripe forest fruits. 

For anyone who strives to keep our planet greener and cleaner, are our Guatemala Bio Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules. They are not only very tasty with its rich fruity flavor with notes of ripe red apple and crispy mandarin but also a 100% bio product in organic capsules.

And when you crave just another coffee in the evening, make yourself Decaf Bio – Nespresso® compatible coffee capsules – for anyone who wants to enjoy a real coffee taste, but without caffeine, with hints of milk chocolate, roasted hazelnut and tempting toffee.

However, we must pay special attention to the fact that coffee capsules do not make an espresso drink. We do not compare the two and we advise you not to do it either.

If you hesitatе or you are unsure which capsules to start with, because you are still looking for your favorite taste or simply are curious by nature and want to taste as many flavours as possible, take our special Coffee Box “Capsules” – Test box with 30 coffee capsules. We have placed in it 5 capsules of each of the above mentioned flavours. So, within a month and at a great price with 30% OFF, you will be able to enjoy all our coffee capsules and choose your favorite flavour.

How to make delicious drink with our specialty coffee capsules?

We have thought about that too!

Cino Nina Capsule Machine is stylish and compact capsule machine. With it you can quickly and conveniently make a range of hot beverages. An ideal solution if you want to operate a professional coffee service.

It has a detachable drip tray for easy cleaning and a DECONTO USB System through which you can set quantity brewing into machine.

And Capsule Coffee Machine Ocean – System Nespresso is just perfect for your office. It has a special option for 30 serving consecutive brewing and 6 selections. Let’s not forget the warm cup function that retains the quality of the drink.

This coffee machine is also equipped with a USB DECONTO system so that you select the amount of coffee you want to prepare. The convenient thing in this case is that when you reach it, the machine stops, unless you reload again.

These two Nespresso compatible capsule machines are the ideal option for our specialty coffee capsules – with them you will have unique coffee experience.

Article written by napravimisait

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