The Truth About Coffee

The adventure in search for the Truth About Coffee has begun! A month of exciting coffee events is ahead of us. 


Our founder, Jordan Dubov, will embark on an exciting journey to Central America for a month, and in particular to Nicaragua and Honduras. He will join the international jury of the COE – Cup Of Excellence and also visit local farms! Meanwhile, however, he will also visit major coffee events in the US!

This year Cup of Excellence Nicaragua is going to be held from 9 April to 12 April.

The national jury started with 213 different coffees, 107 of which were only allowed to a national round. These coffees come from all over Nicaragua, used different methods to process them. This week, the national jury identified 40 coffees that qualified for the final. For the first time, Jordan Dabov –  the founder of our company Dabov Specialty Coffee, will take an honorable participation in the jury.

Learn more about the process, the participants and the jury here.

Specialty Coffee Expo 2018

We are so happy that our founder Jordan Dabov is in the eye of the coffee storm and will share with us some of the spicy innovations from the World of Specialty coffee.

Oro Santa Bárbara – The Best Harvest of Western Coffee

Santa Barbara, Honduras, is a home of the Fourth Coffee Festival, where 25 international judges from 11 countries – Germany, Canada, Japan, China, the Netherlands, Russia, Korea, Singapore, the United States and Bulgaria, along with the judges Sherry Jones and Ez On taste the best coffee produced in the region for 2018. Our founder Jordan Dabov is going to be part of that amazing event.

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