January 14, 2022

The year of DABOV – in coffee and figures

With a total of 24 new coffees in our catalog in 2021, we hope in 2022 to offer you even more
exciting and very tasty specialty coffee from around the world.

We started 2021 with one of the finalists in Best of Panama 2020, Geisha Ironman IV, produced by Finca La Aurora.

In February, we presented you with a special Love Box (expect our surprise for this year!). And we organized a charity bazaar with martenitsas made by the children of Dabov Specialty Coffee`s employees. We donated the proceeds from the bazaar to 1-year-old Joanna from Haskovo, who needed an expensive medical treatment abroad.

We celebrated the month of March with another Brazilian coffee in our catalog. If you have not been able to taste Brazil Fazenda Recreio, you can at least read about it in our article.

In March, we finally got the four finalists from the Indian Gems of Araku 2020 specialty coffee competition, where Jordan Dabov was personally among the international judges that year. This was our and your exciting first meeting with Indian coffees, and we know from your feedback that it will not be the last.

In April we received and hurried to roast for you the 4th best coffee of the Colombia Cup of Excellence 2020.

We were pleased with the recognition that Jordan Dabov received on May.

Jordan Dabov on BEST OF PANAMA 2018
Jordan Dabov on BEST OF PANAMA 2018

Once again he was invited among the judges in the Best of Panama. This was his third participation.

Due to the pandemic, we had the unique chance that receive in our laboratory all the best specialty coffees from Panama, where our coffee hunter evaluated their qualities.

In the same month, the Indian Gems of Araku competition also sent finalists for the 2021 edition to Dabov Specialty Coffee so that Jordan Dabov could judge their qualities. Immediately after the competition we got one of the competition finalists from the online auction. You can still taste Coffee Beans India Gems of Araku # 7 2021 with a refreshing apple flavor.

In July, we managed to secure our first coffee from Mexico. Moreover, a finalist in the Cup of Excellence! We hope you have tasted it, because it’s already out of stock!

In the same summer month, our Nicaraguan partner Gabriela Hueck provided us with another coffee from one of Finca La Virgen family farms, Coffee Beans Nicaragua Finca Las Marias. If you have not yet tasted the typical for this country dulce de leche jam, you can enjoy it by drinking a cup of this coffee.

We also made you happy with Coffee Beans House Blend Summer 2021 Season, which you could enjoy all summer long. This was our second seasonal blend and we feel inspired to offer you more …

In August, we prepared for you a special Limited Tasting Box with Ethiopian coffees. Expect similar unique offers for coffees from exotic countries this year as well!

On September 1, 2021, we opened a new showroom in Prague.

In this way, DABOV Specialty Coffee set foot in another city, which is known for its special attitude towards coffee.

In September, our DABOV Barista Academy reopened. Despite the challenges of the pandemic, we continue to run courses today. Anyone wishing to acquire new knowledge can follow our calendar.

At the auction after Best of Panama, held in September, we managed to secure Coffee Beans Ironman V Geisha #13 BOP 2021. Have you tasted this first class geisha? Geisha Ironman is so unique that only five have been sent so far in the Best of Panama competition and two have won first place!

In September, we launched the new crop of Coffee Beans Costa Rica By Dabov. The taste result of the anaerobic process of processing coffee cherries is still a challenge for taste receptors, even for avid fans of specialty coffee. But do not refuse to taste it, especially in our version of Costa Rica – a country with a curious coffee history.

On October 1, together with the World Coffee Day, we celebrated our 13th birthday.

Dabov Specialty Coffee celebrates its 13th Birthday
Dabov Specialty Coffee celebrates its 13th Birthday

We officially entered the crazy and adventurous teen age. For our birthday we have prepared for you a special Birthday Blend, which you liked so much that you convinced us to continue serving it to you. Enjoy the fruits mixed with chocolate sweetness in Coffee Beans Signature Blend Vertigo.

In October, Coffee Beans Guatemala San Miguel Bio returned to our catalog. On this occasion, we reminded you why and when it is good to prefer organic coffee.

True to your eco-cause, an integral part of company`s development, in October we presented you with the opportunity to buy a package free coffee, bringing with you your own box or pack. Read all about the possibility of package free coffee in our article!

Throughout the year, we continued to prepare for you educational readings that will make your experience in the world of specialty coffee even more interesting, enriching and curious. Don’t miss the articles on our blog and be sure to go back if you don’t already know the difference between Arabica and Robusta.

In October, we attended the world exhibition Host Milan, which shows the latest global innovations in the food industry and in particular in the coffee industry. Despite the pandemic, it it was a live event. From the first row we watched the finals of the world barista championships.

In November, we have chosen for you another unique fruit-flavored specialty 100% Arabica Ethiopian coffee, Coffee Beans Ethiopia Wonago. With it we quickly replaced Coffee Beans Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, which is among your favorite flavors. We also presented you Jordan Dabov`s Kenya choice, black label Coffee beans Kenya AA Kamwangi.

You know what flavors are hidden behind each of our labels? No!? Read our article!

In November, for the second year in a row, we offered you a finalist from the Cup of Excellence El Salvador!

And the good news is that you still have a chance to taste this specialty Pacamara coffee, a typical of the Central American country variety. Coffe Beans El Salvador Tres Posos COE # 7 2021 with mandarin, red apple and toffee flavor.

Curious fact or is there nothing accidental? In December, we learned that not only our friend, the best barista among mountain climbers and the best mountainclimber among baristas, Stefan Stefanov, relied on our coffee for energy boost while attacking the highest peaks on the planet. Our observant friends also noticed Dabov Specialty Coffee in the documentary about Nirmal Purja “14 Peaks”.

In December we organized a Charity Christmas Bazaar for the fourth time in a row. We thank everyone who supported us – by donating their handmade art objects or buying from them. Read about the positive results from it!

At the end of the year we managed to add two more coffees in our catalog from the Cup of Excellence competitions. First we paid the highest price of the Cup of Excellence Peru 2021 for the coffee, which ranked 5th. Immediately after that we tried to provide coffee from COE Brazil, the 14th best specialty coffee of the world`s biggest producer.

Article written by napravimisait

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