Dabov Specialty Coffee in Prague celebrates its 1st birthday

One year since the opening of Dabov Specialty Coffee showroom in Prague has gone by

We are excited to share with you that on the 1st of September we celebrate one year since the opening of Dabov Specialty Coffee showroom in the Czech capital Prague. It was a big step forward in the growth of our family and a dream come true to make Dabov Specialty Coffee part of the coffee culture in the Central European capital, which is known for its special attitude towards coffee drinks.

What happened in this one year?

Our partners from the Czech location tell us about the special relationship they have created with Dabov Specialty Coffee throughout the year.

Dimitar Stoyanov – Dimi shares how meeting Jordan Dabov and tasting specialty coffee completely changed his life.

He started his career as a manager at McDonald’s when he discovered that interacting with people and selling was his thing. And coffee… coffee became his passion only when he met Dabov Specialty Coffee and the magic of specialty coffee.

“Coffee for me was something very distant – I had stopped drinking espresso, at most I had a cappuccino now and then. And so for 20 years, until I met Jordan Dabov and was introduced to the world of specialty coffee. I can describe our meeting in one word – life-changing. And after that, coffee became my first love.

Every day I have the pleasure of meeting many diverse customers and although communicating with new and interesting people is a passion for me, the real satisfaction comes when one of them shares their personal story and problems with me. I feel trusted, I feel that they have allowed me close to them. And most of all, I feel that by offering them a cup of fragrant coffee, I can bring them peace and be the reason for their smile. There isn’t a more pleasant feeling than that!”

Iliana Sharabanska talks about the special moments as part of the Dabov Specialty Coffee team and recalls a surprise meeting she will always remember.

“I have lived in Prague since I was a little girl (12-13 years old), but 10-12 years ago I discovered the vast world and magic of specialty coffee for the first time thanks to Mr. Dabov.

As a part of the Dabov Specialty Coffee team, my daily life is constantly filled with interesting moments and events, but recently something happened that I am very excited to share with all of you. Two days ago, on a Tuesday, I was in the shop at 08:00. At 8:10 I suddenly hear someone knocking hard on the door. I take a look – a man and a woman want to come in. I let them in, of course, but apologize that they’ll have to wait another 10 minutes or so for the machine to heat up. They don’t mind and go in. 

It turns out that the lady is an opera singer from Stavovske Divadlo and the gentleman is a journalist. They came to us to have a short interview over a cup of coffee.The interview lasted about 15 minutes, I made them coffee, and they were very pleased, especially when they found out that we are a Bulgarian company. They said that Bulgaria still has the best opera singers in the world. On the way out they took ten triangular business cards. They wanted to recommend us to colleagues and friends.

And something even more amazing – now, an hour ago, the same opera singer came with a colleague of hers. She told me that the coffee she had with us two days ago had impressed her so much that she is now bringing her colleague to enjoy a cup. I am expecting more opera singers to come these days!

The opera singer also told me that besides the enchanting aroma of the coffee, she was very impressed that I was listening to opera music while cleaning the shop in the morning. I listen to it because this music truly energizes me.”

Where is DABOV Specialty Coffee in Prague located?

The showroom is located at 4, Perlová str. at the heart of Prague. Central European capital’s specialty coffee fans would have the privilege to enjoy world’s best coffees selected with care and knowledge from our coffee hunter Jordan Dabov.

As you know, in July 2020, we opened a showroom in Madrid, and thus set foot on the Iberian peninsula.

What can you find at DABOV showroom in Prague?

In DABOV showroom in Prague, you will be able to find all the products from our catalogue – specialty coffees, tea and chocolate. Everyone is welcome to have a cup of coffee, to taste all kinds of tasty beverages we offer and to ask for advice how to prepare their coffee at home as a real barista. One can also buy freshly roasted whole beans or ground coffee for home.

Thanks to our partners’ efforts and enthusiasm at the capital of the Czech republic, our online shop is also fluent in Czech. And all coffees that are ordered at the heart of Europe will reach the addresses of thirsty coffee fans all around Czech republic freshly-roasted.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Prague, as well as many new fans of DABOV Specialty Coffee, with whom we can experience another year full of special meetings, unexpected events and of course the best specialty coffee!

In order to celebrate the special occasion, we are treating everyone that comes to our shops in Sofia, Madrid, Skopje and Prague a free espresso on the 1st of September!

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