Top 3 Christmas Presents From DABOV

It’s time to celebrate Christmas with adding magic to it – with a little help from us and tasty specialty coffee and fragrant luxury tea …

For many, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. For us at Dabov Specialty Coffee it is definitely so because we love to make Christmas presents. Well, to receive presents also 😉 … But what we love even more is to help you choose how to make your loved ones happy during one of the most cherished Christian and family holidays.

We offer you our top 3 Christmas presents for 2021. We have included something for every taste because we would like our delicious specialty coffee and aromatic luxury tea to bring a smile on your face all year round.

Christmas box – the best present for the whole family

We truly believe that Christmas is time for miracles and many happy moments with your family.

That is why we have created a Christmas Box with an enchanting children’s book with fairy tales of magic and goodness, a tasty 100 % Arabica coffee with a taste of milk chocolate from the COE finalists from Nicaragua, Finca La Virgen, and an aromatic luxurious Rooibos tea. With our friends from Dukyan Meloman we have created a list with Christmas music that you could enjoy in your home.

There is also a book about specialty coffee for all connoisseurs!

And we have included two gifts – discount vouchers for Dukyan Meloman and DABOV Specialty Coffee’s chops!

And since Christmas is a time for solidarity, when you buy our Christmas Box until 31 December 2021, you will support two charity causes.

We will donate 4 lv. to our Charity Christmas Bazaar for 2 children in need of expensive medical treatment outside Bulgaria and 1 lv. for the Cedar Foundation for their cause to support children in vulnerable social situation.

Christmas Box – bring joy to your dear ones with coffee, tea and something more

In our mission to choose the very best gifts for our loved ones, we also created an elegant Christmas basket. It is for those who love specialty coffee or are enchanted by luxurious teas.

We have selected a unique Kenyan coffee, that wins you over with blackcurrant base, dark chocolate notes and unmistakable sweet vanilla scent. From our exquisite Black Label!

We have added also a special, limited edition Christmas tea – Black tea with a predominant spicy taste softened by sweet toffee.

For an additional sweetness, we included a box with white and brown sugar stirrers.

And for all specialty coffee fans, we added a book with everything you always wanted to know about specialty coffee.

Annual subscription for specialty coffee – choose from three options!

What could be better for any specialty coffee fan than waking up every day with a cup of delicious, freshly roasted coffee from a pack delivered directly to your home? And this 365 days a year! That would be one of the best Christmas presents for any specialty coffee fan!

That’s why we have created our annual Coffee of the Month subscription. This way, every month the coffee will be different. You will be able to enjoy a variety of unique flavors. And the coffee will be freshly roasted, because we will know when and what to deliver to you.

And at a price of up to 25% OFF the regular pack for non-subscribers.

The best news is that we offer you to choose from three subscription options:

Coffee of the Month – Subscription for 12 months – 1 pack х 200g, in which the subscriber will receive a standard package of 200 g of freshly roasted and, if selected this option, ground coffee for a specific brewing method.

Coffee of the Month – Subscription for 12 months – 2 packs х 200g, in which we will deliver two packets of 200 g of coffee per month.

Coffee of the Month – Subscription for 12 months – 1 pack х 1 kg, in which we ship one-kilogram pack. Much more coffee and a much eco-friendlier choice!

Bonus to the top 3 Christmas presents: Coffee or tea cupping

For everyone who wants their friends or relatives to have an amazing fun experience, our Barista Academy organizes different cuppings. How about giving someone as a present Coffee Cupping? Two fun hours in which he or she will learn a lot about what happens in the chain from the moment the green bean apperas on the coffee tree to the moment it transforms into a cup of excellent 100% Arabica specialty coffee. And during the cupping, participants taste three coffees prepared with different methods! If you wish, you can also join the cupping by choosing a double ticket at a preferential price!

If, on the other hand, the person you want to make happy is a tea lover, give him as a present Tea Cupping. What could be better than to enjoy 5 different types of tea in a cold winter day. And on top of that, to learn more about one of the most popular and widespread beverages in the world? Again, you can choose a double ticket and share the experience.

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