March 16, 2022

Top 6 Snacks To Complement Your Morning Or Afternoon Aromatic Cup Of Coffee

We offer you several additions to the obligatory daily aromatic cup of coffee

Some people like it with sugar, others prefer it with a lot of milk. There are fans of strong black coffee, but there are also those who secretly put a drop of honey, or a little cinnamon. And there are coffee consumers who like to drink it with a delicious snack! Your favorite aromatic cup of coffee serves as an inspiration for improvisation.

If you are one among the fans of caffeinated beverages, please stay with us. Pour yourself a coffee and go through our list of top 6 snacks to complement your cup of coffee, whether at breakfast or in the afternoon, whenever you need an urgent dose of energy and inspiration for the rest of the day.

Early in the morning… mekitzas and coffee – who would resist this Bulgarian classic?

We don’t know about your preferences, but we personally imagine the following cozy and happy family picture. It is worthy of a picture on the wall: a caring mother standing over the stove, frying mekitzas and sipping her hot coffee with milk. A father, who had just woken up with and is at the table with a cup of black coffee in hand and reading the morning paper. A child, who had woken up by the smell of the plie of tasty soft mekitzas, running to the kitchen and begging for honey and powdered sugar. What could be more wonderful than a Saturday morning like this!? An idyll with a scent of caffeine. A memory from everybody’s grandmother’s house in the country.

капучино кроасан Dabov Specialty Coffee бяла порцеланова чаша кафе на зърна
Is there anyone who doesn’t like delicious coffee? And in combination with a croissant?

Croissant + coffee in a romantic French style

Everyone who adheres to a healthy and active lifestyle knows how important breakfast is. That is why that person always gets up early in the morning and before everybody else wakes up, he or she takes their necessary dose of calm motivation with a hinch of romance on the terrace. Only an aromatic cup of coffee and a croissant keep them company. Of course, this French bun can easily be replaced with a simple homemade bun with marmalade, chocolate or a mixture of the latest trendy snacks for a healthy gluten-free morning. To add a croissant to your morning cup of coffee is the first choice for breakfast for many people!

Coffee + sandwich – the gold standard for the office lunch break

The corporate lifestyle has its own established principles and rules of conduct, different than established traditions. It is almost a must, according to the corporate lifestyle, to drink a very long coffee with a sandwich brought from home on your lunch break. It is very pleasant for anyone to gather in the lunch break spot to chat with colleagues, grab a quick bite and add a cup of coffee. To exchange ideas for the future of the company, to quietly gossip about the new colleague. And why not just relax silently. A motivation for a perfect end to the working day!

Favorite cup of invigorating caffeine from DABOV Specialty Coffee

Let’s steal an hour for a slice of cake and a cup of coffee with our friends!

Family, housework, office chores, running against time, piles of tasks that seem to multiple with each passing minute. All this is a vicious circle. How to escape from it, at least for some minutes in order to relax in the company of friends!? We suggest you start a new tradition in your busy work week. Steal an hour for a piece of cake and a cup of aromatic coffee with friends. Meet them at home, in the neighborhood pastry shop or even somewhere out of town. We all need that. We need a little laughter, a dose of invigorating caffeine and, of course, something sweet. The sweetness of our favorite cake will break even the ice, created by many months of postponed meetings with friends.

Who will make muffins and a cup of coffee?

Whoever it is, this is yet another perfect plan for breakfast or afternoon snack. Muffins are quick and easy to prepare, and loved not only by the whole family, but by everyone in your company. They come in so many different recipes that they can satisfy even the strangest culinary taste. But whatever the filling, a cup of hot coffee will always suit them perfectly!

Coffee and cake – both together and separately!

And speaking of recipes, let’s not forget that many of them include our favorite coffee. The fact is that it can be used for syruping, as an ingredient in cream and what not. But even if you don’t like caffeine-scented cakes, you’re unlikely to refuse a piece of homemade French country cake or Garash with a cup of coffee. Here’s a trick from us: add a few drops of coffee in the cream that you will add to the cake. The sweet end result will be more than perfect. You can also play with contrasting flavors: milk with coffee and cake with classic dark chocolate or cream pastry with black coffee!

And what do you combine with your morning or afternoon cup of coffee? Let us know right now in the comments what is your favorite snack to keep company to your daily caffeine dose?

Article written by napravimisait

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