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Types of Coffee Beans and Practical Information

When we really want quality coffee beans what should be our choice?

Coffee in our wake-up and motivational morning cup can be prepared from two sources: ground coffee and coffee beans. Coffee beans are the primary source of ground coffee. If we are looking for premium quality coffee, free of impurities, we should choose coffee beans. We can grind them in specialized coffee machines or coffee grinders at home.

First of all, we must clarify that there is a difference between a variety and a species of coffee. The two species are Arabica and Canephora. Arabica`s first varieties appear in the region of Ethiopia, and today they are found in other parts of the world. The other popular variety of coffee is Robusta. It is a representative of the Canephora species. The Arabica species has different types of varieties, while Canephora has only one variety used today, ie Robusta. That is why when we talk about Robusta, we often mean both the species and variety of coffee. Arabica is considered to be of better quality.

However, it is worth looking at other types of coffee. In addition to expanding your knowledge of your favorite caffeinated beverage, you will also learn how to choose the perfect coffee for the perfect start to the day.

Green coffee beans

One should be careful with green coffee beans, because not all beans are of good quality. Recently, green coffee beans have become extremely popular in the food industry and in the field of nutrition and fitness. The reason is that the classic green coffee beans can help the body in its natural process of burning fat and losing weight. But what exactly is traditional green coffee? It is just ordinary raw coffee. Green coffee beans are the very seeds of the Coffea tree. Its color is special because it has not yet been roasted. After roasting, green coffee becomes brownish regardless of its variety and species. Interestingly, you can also use it to make a caffeinated beverage. For this purpose, green coffee beans are ground and boiled.

Mocha coffee beans

Caffè mocha is a popular type of caffeinated beverage. Although traditional for many regions of the world, especially in Italy, it is not exactly a classic type of coffee. What is specific about it is that not only pre-roasted and ground coffee beans are used for its preparation. Caffè mocha resembles latte, which in addition to coffee, also includes milk. In mocha, however, we have an additional, extremely fresh taste – of chocolate. Caffè mocha is a combination of espresso (1/3) and steamed milk (2/3) with the added taste of cocoa in the form of syrup, powder, pre-prepared milk or dark chocolate. The specific thing in the original recipe of this drink is that the espresso in it must be prepared from Mocha. They are a rare Arabica variety, growing only in the region of Moka, Yemen.

How many coffee drinks are made from a kilo of coffee beans?

If you have decided to rely on beans at home for brewing coffee instead of ground coffee, you need to keep in mind a few things. The first is that green coffee weighs more than roasted coffee, so you will be able to make more cups of coffee with it. However, more often you buy classic roasted coffee beans – Robusta or Arabica, as well as a mixture of both varieties. It is estimated that one needs about 7 grams of ground coffee to prepare a cup of espresso, which in turn contains an average of 56 coffee beans. In this regard, if you have already bought 1 kg of coffee beans, you can prepare approximately130 cups of coffee from it.

What coffee beans to buy?


Regardless of its variety, the most important thing about coffee is its quality. We come to the most important question in today’s article. So what should be our choice if we really want premium quality coffee. As already mentioned, Arabica varieties boast rich taste and aroma. Be aware, however, that a pack of Arabica coffee can contain a lot of burnt beans, which will significantly reduce its quality. On the other hand, there are manufacturers who add Robusta to their roasted beans, presenting it as pure Arabica. It is even worse when we think about the fact that there could be impurities in the cofee pack that are neither Robusta, nor Arabica, nor even coffee.

That is why one of the most important factors in choosing a quality coffee is the manufacturer and brand. We strongly recommend that you rely solely on certified brands selling and distributing coffee. Little-known brands, as well as those with significantly reduced price lists, are rather dubious choices that you should avoid.

As always, at DABOV, we offer high quality coffee beans, selected from the best varieties grown in the cleanest and most traditional coffee production areas. We do not choose just a rich taste and irresistible aroma. We are looking for coffee beans grown with the utmost care. Once we buy the perfectly selected raw green coffee, we roast it ourselves, using modern technology, in combination with international standards and current modern practices. So that each of our clients can feel not only a strong dose of caffeine from their morning cup of espresso, but also the spirit of the earth and the farmers who produced it.

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