Vesela Dabova: Coffee Is A Bridge Between People

Vesela Dabova participates in Cup of Excellence’s Women’s History Month

DABOV Specialty Coffee’s CEO Vesela dabova participated in a talk with Cup of Excellence‘ logistic manager Gabriela Salcedo Bolañoso on the occasion of the specialty coffee competition’s Women’s History Month dedicated on women in coffee industry.

Mrs. Dabov and Mrs. Bolañoso talked about DABOV’s development from the roastery’s opening more than 13 years ago as the first to specialize in the import and roasting of specialty coffee in Bulgaria, to the current challenges of importing specialty coffee in our country. Vesela Dabova spoke abour our roastery’s main goal to spread the specialty coffee culture in Bulgaria. DABOV’s partnership with Cup of Excellence since 2013 has contributed to the development of the Bulgarian coffee lovers’ taste by tasting finalists and winners of the most prestigious competition for specialty coffee in the world. DABOV is the first Bulgarian roastery to import Cup of Excellence coffee in Bulgaria since 2015л. We always have at least two COE coffees in our catalog. DABOV Specialty Coffee is also a member of Alliance For Coffee Excellence – the organizer of the Cup of Excellence since 2013.

If you want to know why Vesela Dabova believes that coffee is a bridge between people and which women in the coffee industry have influenced her the most, listen to the conversation in English here!

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