We are going global

After 11 years on the Bulgarian market, we are crossing the boundaries and start opening in other places. Vienna was just the first one. More will follow.

20.02.2020 is a good day to start something new, isn’t it! We have chosen this day to spread our wings yet one more time. We are proud to announce the next chapter of our company’s growth.

As of today we are going global.

We opened our first showroom abroad in Vienna last November and we have no intention to stop growing. Vienna has a long history with coffee since is was there where the first coffee shop in Europe opened in the 17 century. Since then, it spread throughout our continent and it was only logical for DABOV to take its catalog of carefully selected top quality specialty coffees and present it first at the very heart of Europe. From there, it can easily reach neighboring countries such as Lichtenstein, Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary and Italy.

Opening a new showroom

Soon, we will be opening a new showroom in yet another European capital that is famously connected with coffee. Can you guess which one? Anyone in the mood for torrefacto?

As we are going global, we are no longer operating only on the Bulgarian market with delivery everywhere in the world but also decentralizing our operations, putting the foundations of mini DABOV centers around the globe. We will not only continue traveling around the world to find the best coffees but also move every bit closer to you with every showroom we open.

Changing our official language to English

And as going global, we are choosing the English language as the official language of DABOV. We will continue to communicate with our local markets on their respective languages.

Moving our website to dabov.coffee

We are also moving our website address from dabov.bg to dabov.coffee. We are asking all dabov.bg’s registered users to register on dabov.coffee so that we could continue in touch and serving you great coffee wherever you are. Please bear in mind that our site dabov.bg will go offline on 1 March 2020 so if you would like to continue your history with us, you can create and account on dabov.coffee.