December 21, 2021

We Bought A COE Peru 2021 Coffee At A Record Price

One more COE Peru finalist enters our catalog

As traditon dictates, we look for Christmas presents at the end of the year… And we have found a wonderful specialty from Peru. At the Cup of Excellence online auction in the Latin American country we bought uniquely tasty coffee and at a record price. Our coffee hunte Jordan Dabov set his eyes on Peru’s 5th best specialty coffee for 2021.

Which coffee have we bought from COE Peru 2021 at a record price?

We present to you Coffee Beans Peru Santa Teresa COE #5 2021 – a fragrant geisha, which received 89.09 points from the international judges. We can proudly tell you that DABOV Specialty Coffee will pay the largest amount to COE Peru this year! Coffee Beans Peru Santa Teresa COE #5 2021 amounts to $ 22,973.44 without packaging, export / import fees and transportation! We will be happy to present you this exceptional coffee as we stand behind its qualities with our reputation.

Coffee Beans Peru Santa Teresa COE #5 2021 was produced by farmer Andres Torres Goicochea on his farm Santa Teresa. This superb coffee is geisha variety, considered the queen of Arabica. It is dry processed. This means that the coffee cherries have been left to dry together with the pulp and have been filled with additional sweetness, which we can now find in the coffee flavour. It is overall sweet, with dazzling honey sweetness.

In addition, we can taste notes of pineapple, raspberries, chocolate liqueur… Intriguing nuances for a first-class geisha!

The acidity of the coffee is fruity, with a predominance of fresh citrus.

Where is Santa Teresa farm located?

Finca Santa Teresa is located in Camporedondo County. When farmer Andres Torres Goicochea bought the El Puccio sector in 2010, it was about 11.5 square meters. It is located at 1,682 meters above sea level. Access to the farm was difficult because there was no public road or lighting. When the decision was made to divide the farm among all the children, they started working together on it. Gradually, they managed to build a road to Santa Teresa, to provide electricity via solar panels and to make an access to drinking water. Andres Torres Goicochea decided to start growing geisha on the farm and soon excellent results followed. The ranking of 5th place in Peru Cup Of Excellence 2021 is a proof for that.

And do you remember the first COE Peru winner, which we offered you?

This year, our friends from Terarosa, South Korea, bought La Lucuma‘s coffee from COE Peru’s auction. Do you remember that in 2019 La Lucuma’s coffee won the first place, and we were quick to win it in the auction and to present it to your cup? This year, Lizana Grimanes Morales’ coffee ranks 9th and we are happy that she continues to grow high quality green beans. And if Terarosa sounds familiar to you, it is because in 2018 our guest was their Q-grader Yunson Lee, whom we introduced to you.

We can’t wait to receive Coffee Beans Peru Santa Teresa COE #5 2021 so that we could invite you to taste it! Until then, you can enjoy another COE finalist, Coffee Beans El Salvador COE #7 2021.

Article written by napravimisait

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