We Bought a Geisha from СОЕ Colombia 2020 for Christmas

We succeeded in byuing Colombia’s 4th best specialty coffee for 2020

It looks like we are going to end the year with a good news! We bought Geisha from СОЕ Colombia 2020 at the online auction that took place on 19 November. We are extremely excited because soon the 4th best coffee of the South American country will start its journey towards us.

A variety of Geishas in Cup of Excellence Colombia 2020

There is something very curious about this competition. That is to say, there was the total of 6 Geishas among the 24 coffee finalists. Apart from Colombia Buenos Aires Geisha COE #4 2020 that we will have the pleasure of tasting, at the second and third position there were also coffees from this variety.

In addition, the qualities of all the coffees were obviously amazing. As a result, the competition was extremely disputed. The fact that the coffee on the first position received 90.03 points, and the coffee on the last, 24th position – 87 points, testifies for this.

Due to the global crisis with Covid-19, the Cup of Excellence in Colombia was held according to the new protocol. Between 31 August and 4 September, 7 national judges preselected the coffees eligible to enter the best coffee competition in the world. The national phase of the competition took place between 7 and 10 October 2020 in Ibague.

Erwin Mierisch was the main judge in the two phases. You know his name well. Why? Because he is the owner of Finca Santa Lucia which brought us the great Honduras Santa Lucia Geisha COE #1 2019.

The judges selected 24 coffee finalists. Then, 21 international judges received samples from them in order to evaluate the coffees’ qualities in their respective labs. Among them was our good friend, Yunson Lee.

Israel Hernandes is a first-time Cup of Excellence participant and he succeeded in securing the respectable 4th position with his Geisha.

Meet Colombia Buenos Aires Geisha COE #4 2020

The farmer Israel Hernandez cultivated this spectacular coffee in his farm Buenos Aires. It is situated near Rio Blanco in the Tolima region. This region is part of the famous Coffee Triangle, where the best Colombian coffees grow.

Colombia Buenos Aires Geisha COE #4 2020 has amazing characteristics. That is why it scored 88.69 points from the judges.

Saturated floral taste with hints of bergamot, jasmine, orange, lemon and lime and attention! – matcha and white chocolate. Incredibly rich taste! The acidity is citrus and delicate.

It has a long aftertaste with predominant sweetness, the most prominent charateristic of this coffee.

This wonderful Geisha from COE Colombia 2020 has undergone wet and anaerobic processing. Apart from the exceptional dedication of the farmer Israel Hernandez, the processing also contributed to its incredible taste.

Señor Hernandes shared that 2020 was a difficult year. As a result of the the pandemic he had to work with fewer workers. It also prevented him to leave his farm. However he is a third generation coffee producer. And experience and background help. He has dedicated himself in growing specialty coffee after he discovered Geisha variety. And he admits that it is worth the effort because he is being able to validate the quality of his work with his clients.

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