Jordan Dabov shares with ¨Capital¨ all about the best coffee in the world

“Specialty coffee is all I profess, because I think the whole coffee business only makes sense because of it,” says Jordan Dabov, who has dedicated himself since 2008 to finding only the best of the best.

In an interview with ¨Capital¨, Jordan Dabov talks about the growing interest in specialty coffee, both in Bulgaria and around the world, and shares about the process of its production and his close relationship with each farmer from whom he purchases the coffee beans. In addition, he reveals the truth about specialty coffee and its differences with conventional coffee produced by industrial brands.

For him it is very important for people to get to know about how a specialty coffee can turn someone’s day, mood, and sometimes even their life upside down, as it really has in his case.

You can read more about him in the article here.

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